The Fat Pizza

18 Elm Park Avenue, Greater London East (RM), RM12 Hornchurch, RM12 4SA

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18 Elm Park avenue,
Greater London East (RM),
RM12 Hornchurch,
RM12 4SA.

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Late and Cold
Food took longer than an hour to arrive, which is fair enough but I had an email letting me know my food was ready at 18.06. 20mins later it still hadn’t arrived. When I called to complain I wAs told that the food was ready, just waiting for a driver to deliver. It took more than another 10 minutes for it to arrive and perhaps unsurprisingly it was cold. It’s obviously been sitting in one of those bags for more than 30minutes with the box getting damp from condensation and the food getting cold. At this point the kids just wanted to eat so we nuked the lot and made do but this is piss poor. When you’re paying just under £40 you expect something that is at the very least edibly warm. Also they managed to screw up the order for the wings. When we phoned to complain I was offered a redelivery and nothing else and at that point we had already started reheating the pizza and feeding the kids. Very much doubt I would ever bother with this lot again. Pizza Hut is better value, quicker, consistent and you receive
- Robert Buttery

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