The Sylhet Spice Cuisine

27-29 York Road, Kings Heath, B14 7SA

27-29 York Road,
Kings Heath,
B14 7SA.

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good service and food
Lovely food and great delivery service
- Vicky Coates

Food arrived ovr an hour early
I asked for my food to arrive 730-745 to tie in with the return of my wife. it arrived over an hour early so had to be reheated later. This resulted in the naan bread being awful. The chilli naan was in any event poor quality. it is supposed to be stuffed with chilli. It was however just sprinkled with what looked like half a birds eye chilli.
- Paul Wilson

Well flavoured curries and brilliant naans! Would've liked a bit less fat on the lamb, but thank you! Was great!
- Jessie Dipper

My favourite restaurant
I absolutely love The Sylhet Spice Cuisine. The food is awesome and the staff are very friendly. I would definately recommend this restaurant. Can't wait until my next visit.
- Vanessa

1 hour 45 minutes for delivery, then average food
I like Syhlet spice, usually good food. Delivery is always slow though. Last night was a joke though, ordered at 7:18, delivered at 9:05! Then the usually good food was just poor. Overcooked meat, overcooked paratha. To be honest it was a waste of money. I ate half and threw the rest away
- Javan Bramhall

Good food
Tasty food, but took over an hour!
- Javan Bramhall

The food was great although the naan breads were rather small. The problem was with the on-line service. Our meal arived 45 minutes late. According to the driver you didn't give them my correct phone number or postcode so they got lost and couldn't contact me so I will be ordering directly with the Sylhet Spice next time.
- Vicky Brennan

Fabulous Eat In
I ate here last Saturday and it was wonderful - the food was gorgeus and the staff were lovely. I am trying them out for delivery tonight for my Anniversary as my regular restaurants standards have slipped as of late - fingers crossed that standards don't slip.
- Vicky Brennan

A bit dissapointed
We have often eaten in and had takeaway from Sylhet and the food has always been lovely.The lamb in the Peaza was very tough and the chicken tikka masala was not as sweet and tasty as it usually is and the paratha bread was very thick, not it's usual thin and flaky self.
- Matthew Gough

Got extra because of (short) wait. Food tasted great and pleanty of it. Such nice people!Would recommend.
- Barbara Evans

- Robert Hill

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