The Junakee Tandoori

23 London Road, Barking, IG11 8AA

23 London Road,
IG11 8AA.

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really really good
Ordered the meal for 2, was delivered on time and the food was warm and really good.
- Quentin BAZOT

Too Quick
We ordered our food at around 5.30 pm and asked to be delivered at 7.15-30pm, the food arrivered at 6.30pm....too early !!
- Quentin BAZOT

Really Good
We are ordering from the Junakee from 2014 and we have Never been disappointed. The meal for 2 is the best !!
- Quentin BAZOT

Worst food
It was really a very bad experience... Worst quality and bad for health .... Waste of money :(
- Christopher H

Our takeaway
Very nice meal, best we've had in a long while,and it was the cheapest. Thanks.
- Joy Grieve

Will be ordering again
The guys here are always friendly, the delivery time is always good and the food is really nice.
- Ronnie

New favourite dessert
Food was delicious and delivery was much faster than expected. After eating the Orange Delight I had to write a review.
- Lucy

Lovely meal
- Tina

Best korma I've had in a long time. Only disappointment was it wasn't very warm, had to microwave it when I got it.
- Simon

Could be hotter
Very tasty food, delivery time was bang on what they said it would be. Wish the vindaloo was a little hotter though, but that's just me :-)
- Mashud

Good customer service
The food was well prepared and delivered on time. Really pleased with the service.
- Katherine

Good customer service
I was satisfied with the delivery time and the order I received matched the description on the menu, which I was pleased about. The food was of a good quality, fresh warm and tasty. Can not complain.
- Katherine

Always so punctual with delivery
The tarkha dahl hardly any spice, tasted rather sweet. The chick peas were beautifully fresh but again no spice,a sweetish flavour. the plain naan was lovely and fresh but the vegetable naan had only a spot of veg but still fresh though.20% off was value for money. The items were pre- ordered and they arrived bang on time as usual with that great smile.
- kush

Perfect delivery time
Great delivery but extra chillies were requested in the tarkha dahl which is usually a little too bland and they were not put in, what happened Junakee?
- Kush Kaur

prompt delivery
The plain naans were lovely and soft and the tarkha dahl tasty, although the garlic could be roasted more, had a rawish flavour.nnThe aloo gobi was tasty, a little salty and hard though. The veg samosas a little on the small side but tasty.
- Kush Kaur

Just gets better
The veg food and delivery just gets better, a regular delivery chap delivering with a lovely smile each time, politeness and friendliness. Could not fault a thing. Well done Junakee for excelent customer satisfaction and never cancelling even a small order. We can rely on this restaurant to always deliver and on time, when many other restaurants may cancel last minute and leave us disapointed.
- Kush Kaur

Almost perfect each time
Pre ordered and delivered impressively at the exact said time. The dahl and dahl soup were scrumptious, just a little salty, not at all laiden with oil either. Any special requests are usually adhered to making the customer feel unique.The chappatis were fresh and a good size.Well done Junakee, keep up the lovely customer care.
- Kush Kaur

20% saving day
As usual the same delivery driver, very polite and courteous and delivered at the exact requested time. The tarkha dahl was a little saltier than usual, but too salty for our palette, but the taste great as usual.The stuffed veg paratha did not taste of veg and the veg was so minimal too. Taste an buds and eyes wondered what veg it could be.Plain paratha and veg paratha tasted rather doughy as they were incredibly thick, they need to be much thinner for a fuller flavour. The chapoatti could not be faulted.The mango kulfi was incredibly tasty but only a tiny portion in a plastic manufacturers cone.Ordering on the saving day ofcourse helped every penny.A restaurant that always tries hard to meet the customer's needs.
- Kush Kaur

Pre ordered
The food was pre ordered, early afternoon for an evening delivery, it was delivered just 15 mins after the requested time, now that is impressive.It was requested that there be reduced salt, fat and garlic, this request was adhered to except the masalla dahl, so pleased in general..The onion bhajis seemed refried and too salty with alot of colouring. The stuffed paratha was a good size, quite tasty but the stuffing not really visible of the veg or taste. The chappatti is a good size though. I asked for extra green chillies for an Indian palate, they were put in but a little too large in size. The delivery chap always delivers with a lovely smile which is lovely to have. I would give these guys a try , they do try to be supportive.
- Kiran Kaur

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