USA Fried Chicken

2 Trinity Street, Halstead, CO9 1JD

2 Trinity Street,
CO9 1JD.

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Hot, on time and lovely as always
- Nicci Schofield

Quick delivery
Delivered quickly and nice food!
- Nicci Schofield

Great Food & Service
The food is always delivered before the due time by the friendly delivery lady, and is always hot and fresh. Great food! Thanks guys!
- Stephanie Palmer

Just what we wanted
Good foid, tasty and filling. Quickly delivered by friendly staff.
- Bex Jackson

Always go up usa
Brilliantl food always go to USA
- Charlotte Coe

Always go up usa
Brilliantl food always go to USA
- Charlotte Coe

Finger lickin chicken,
Love USA, and so do my grandchildren, delivered with a smile. Food 99% perfect, tasty and just what you craved. A must for Friday night. WELL DONE USA. We love ya!
- Anonymous

Good but long
Took 2 hours to get our food, but peng as always from bossman so five stars still.
- Brad Jarvis

same as always
Was quick and tasty
- Sarah Fern

Great tasty food
Great food delivered piping hot
- Gary Todd

Poor quality
Food was far from it's best. Even my four year old refused to eat her favourite meal of chicken nuggets and chips, which speaks volumes!!
- Mica Shears

Food was amazing as always
- Ben Morrison

Best kebab shop
Always amazingly tummy
- Kayleigh Cobbold

I've said it before and I'll say it again.....i absolutely looove the cheese burgers!!
- Sarah Fern

Great value , better quality
Can be a little less quality when very busy but value is outstanding for a take away . Last night was good quality too
- Adam Paris

Good food good price
Quick delivery . Good food as always
- Shelley Moreby

Good food and service
Good food and service
- Amy Perkins

Goo fast food
What more can you ask for my kids love USA
- Justin Haylock

Great as usual
Food was hot and what was expected. Good reception at pick up and ready on time. Good price too. Thanks.
- Chris Mclelland

Quick, fresh and tasty
- Brad Jarvis

much better
much better food and a free bottle of drink as my can was forgotten on a previous order
- Aaron Letch

pay for things you don’t receive
as usual after purchasing meal deals no drink included , seems to be an ongoing thing at this place !
- Aaron Letch

Unusual poor quality
Normally service is very good as is the food. Unfortunately not so in this case. Turned up quick but food was of poor quality and not exactly what was orders. Disappointing. Fingers crossed back to usual service soon as generally best around
- James Wiseman

Awesome food and awesome service!
- Sarah Fern

Good food as always
Never had any problems with USA usually 99% Quality and on time faultless thanks
- Gary Woodcraft

Great service, great food
- Sarah Fern

Good Value
Arrived Fast , Great value and tasted lovely highly recommend
- Lewis Hayward

wrong pizza
Service was great but got the wrong pizza..... Sad times
- Sarah Fern

Yet again another happy family after a takeaway treat.
- Grant Snow

Just awesome
The garlic bread with mushroom and cheese is so tasty I think next time I’ll just get a big one and nothing else. The hot wings too they taste better than KFC by a long way. I wouldn’t go to another kebab shop anymore
- Jon Graham

Very good!
Food came a lot faster then expected, which can mean two things a rushed order or a very good takeaway, in this instant it was excellent, first time ordering and it was very good measure. :)
- Jake Leland

poor pizza
Great burger and awesome chicken but unfortunately the pizza was undercooked
- Sarah Fern

I liked it.
- Sarah Fern

wings werent spicy
Chicken wings didn't have any spice at all
- Sarah Fern

Took to long
Had to wait over an hour for my food on a Tuesday night and when it arrived it was all abit stodgy Normally very good
- Gary Knill-jones

The food was up to standards and was very tasty!
- Courtney Jarvis

Really good food. Chicken burgers are amazing! Quick service and value for money
- Anne Mclelland

Fast delivery good food
Keep up the good work..
- Viorel Ibrian

Good food and efficient service.
- Brad Jarvis

Missing item
One of the items was missing from my order , I will be checking that everything is there before the delivery driver leaves next time .
- Becky Wright

fast, hot and good quality.
as fast as always, nice delivery guy, food was as ordered, very hot and well made.
- joseph reddiex

Delivery was quick and easy. Food was correct and tasty.
- Amy Peacock

Best pizza in town
- Paul Kelsey

Fast and tasty
Food was delivered well inside the hour and was very tasty. Delivery driver was very friendly and chatty. Lovely !!!!
- Justin Haylock

It was ok
Sorry food arrived cold, chicken dry
- Jane Sparrow

Opt for small... portion sizes are massive!
Opt for small... portion sizes are massive
- Peri Codling

Normally order is 100% spot on
I have been ordering fro here for a while normally everything is spot on but unfortunately last night my order was missing the salad I requested and the drink that's comes with the burger meal was not there either and the quality of the meal all round wasn't the same as normal which was disappointing
- Gary Woodcraft

Great service
Lovely food delivered on time
- Annmarie Raven

Quick and fast
Food came really quick and very hot and tasted lovely. One of the family's favourite takeaways
- Jessica Turner

Great as always!
- Claire Simmons

Quick delivery and tasty hot food as usual.
- Sarah Fern

Over 2hrs for delivery!!!
Took over 2hrs to delivery our order and when i phoned to see Why it was taking so long I got hung up on!! Apparently food went to the wrong address.
- Sharn Smart

loved it.
Delivered very quick. Lovely food again.
- sarah fern

Delivery is fast. All food is served perfectly and nice and hot still. Good selection of foods and reasonably priced. Very happy everytime I buy or arrange delivery.
- James Clubley

Great Chicken Place
Ordered from work, on night shift, the food was delicious and piping hot obviously cooked fresh. Delivery as expected. Nice one guys thank you
- Robin Foster

Very good & fast
The delivery came quicker than expected with top quality food. Only ever get take aways from here!
- Louisa Sanders

Lovely grub
Ordered on line very prompt delivery If there is a downside the website needs a few bits added to the extras menu But overall very good
- Paul layton-smith

I just couldn't face cooking
Really speedy delivery, really fresh food, possibly more calories than I needed but that's my guilty pleasure not the fault of USA fried chicken.
- Philip Schoenenberger

Take out
Food was still hot when it arrived and was tasty
- Amanda Sedgwick

Been a lot better
Pizza wasn't great asked for extra donor barely any on pizza and was dry and fairly tasteless. Ribs was so fatty. Best bits were chicken. Really disappointed
- louise johnson

Great tasting food and service!
The only reason I didn't want to give 5* is due to the chicken pieces having bones broken pointing from the main joint which I unfortunately happened to bite into.Apart from this the food arrived early it tasted great and was a good price, so you can accept slight inperfections.
- Ryan Edwards

Really tasty pizza, I managed to eat almost the whole thing in the space of 5 minutes, it had plenty of toppings and was still piping hot on delivery; also a super friendly delivery service. All in all very happy
- Miranda Howard

Food was nice but pizza was wrong
Food was nice and warm and came quicker than the original (delayed) delivery estimate which was welcome. Wrong pizza was delivered (cheese and tomato rather than meat feast). Overall not bad but not great.
- Oliver Pirrie

Was quicker than expected
Asked for chips to be crispier and they were Pizza was tasty
- ashleigh gadd

Kebab Special
Food was good but by the time it got to me (as apparently they couldn't find my house), it was cold!
- clare Davison

Very nice
Delivered hot within 30 minutes.
- Grant Snow

Top class food
Always my first choice and favourite takeaway place
- Marc McCallum

Not bad
Not as good as usual which is twice now so will no longer go there again
- Aaron Letch

Missing Food
Chips were missing from order, tried to ring numerous times and shop was not picking up calls.
- Joe Gates

Realy poor
Food was cold, order took almist 2 hours and to top it off there was bits missing which they said they wouldnt send as they were too busy....
- Jorgee Adams

Not so fresh
Last 3 orders, the doner kebab has clearly not been freshly cut and looks/tastes as if it was several hours sat in the heated tray!
- Paul Andress

Great once againCheAp and I'm still alive
- Adam Paris

Lovely food
- janusz chroscicki

Very good service
Quickly delivered by pleasant person.
- David Gottesmann

You need hairnets
Thanks for the huge black hair in my food. I would advise hairnets
- Taylor Hallinan

Great deals n quick delivery
Awesome meal deals and quick delivery however it would be great to see wet naps and salt n pepper sachets dispensed for after care which would improve customer satisfaction. :))
- Ryan Davies

Well prepared good hot food
As always; well prepared tasty hot food.
- Philip Schoenenberger

Food review
Apart from the tips that were horrible , everything else was good
- Nicola Bailey

absolutely lovely
arrived on time nice and hot would use them again
- anita ray

Missing items
Placed order online went fine delivered in good time but some items missing so by time I called the shop and they questioned me as if I was lying eventually they sent out the missing item but by then everyone else had eaten theirs and I was left to eat alone
- Sandra Cronin

Ordered for my daughter and her friends to share. Amazing value for money. Amazing food. And amazing service. I had a house full of very happy kiddies.
- Mica Shears

Good review
Amazing quality for money
- Mica Shears

Amazing food
Order from here all the time and the food is amazing every time !!
- Matthew Wright

Defiantly recommend eating from here!
- Ben Morrison

Food was average. Specifications or sauce and salads were ignored.
- Mica Shears

Food is usually really good. But tonight it was burnt and barely edible.
- Mica Shears

Good quality food for price
- Mica Shears

Good value food
- Mica Shears

Excellent as always.
We always order from here. Excellent food and service.
- Lucy McCarthy

Great Value and very good quality pizza
This is such great value (compared to local big chain delivery company) - we have used USA for quite a few years for pizza delivery - the food really is good, pizza is just a tasty, portions of chips much better and price is excellent! Now can order and pay online too.
- Katy Chambers

Food cold and soggy :(
The food arrived at the advised time which was an hour after placing the order but unfortunately it was cold and soggy. I had to reheat the food in the oven so that it was edible. As we had ordered chicken I was a little concerned about reheating.
- Juli Leslie

All good
Decent food fast
- Aaron Letch

USA fried chicken
Good food for a good price can't argue with thet
- Aaron Yeo

Best takeaway around
Great food, so cheap.
- Lewis Roberts

Took 2 hours to arrive
Food was okay, after 1hr and a half I rang up and was spoken to rudely by the lady on the phone when I asked where my order was. Food arrived 30 mins later, 2 hours in my opinion is too long to wait even on a Saturday, considered only part paying at the door but didn't want the driver to be out of pocket
- Matt Delabruyere

After waiting an hour for our food it arrived all mixed up even though we had specifically requested for sauces and salads to be separate. I rang and they said replacement food would be with us in 10 minutes. It wasn't. When the driver arrived he requested all the food back but when we opened the second order half of it was missing. The manger told me I shouldn't have given the food back and that they could send rest out. By this point we had had enough. Very disappointed in the service we received
- Natasha Ashton

Great food great prices
USA Chicken is our weekly go to for takeaway, they have never let us down with regards to food quality, price and speed of delivery. Thank you.
- Daniel Clarke

Our foood was getting on the late side of things so we phoned up customer services, prior to that i had send an email but no reply. They said they would ring the store and get back to us but noone ever did! It came an hour late. Once our food had finally arrived we told him its an hour late he didn't know it was and he did apologised we did ask would our food still be hot he said yes it had just had been done. Got everything out, we pretty much had to mircowave it all. Its a very bad service. I know its a friday night i know places will be busy but don't say a time and deliver an hour later. Its ridiculous! Was very angry. Our food most the time comes either late or the food has gone cold now, it used to always be a great service be on time or even early.
- Madi Harris

I think I've just eaten the best kebab in the world
- Adam Paris

All as should be , fast delivery
- Aaron Letch

Good food
Good food for a reasonable price.
- Polly Watkins

I wasn't given the right change, was £1 short
- Georgina Peel

Parts from our order was missing for the 2nd time
We ordered separate drinks and was supposed to get drinks with out meals. We did not receive these. The last time we ordered. Meals where missing.
- Ben Morrison

Good food as usual, although waited over an hour for delivery
- Sara Kilany

Yum as always
Quick delivery, yummy food... can't fault it!
- Cathy Locke

cheap but good enough to have fat bellys
Great value and big pizza makes me fatty bum bum
- Adam

Kebab perfect
As always a perfect chicken shush, crispy chips and lovely fresh salad. I am addicted to the green chilli's and there are always plenty in the order. The Pizza was well cooked and tasty, I hardly ever eat one and once I have I am convinced I have consumed a million calories. Salad and steamed veg for the next week (possibly)
- Philip Schoenenberger

USA chicken
Quick service, great value for money treat for my kids
- Katy Simmons

Arrived on time but food was disappointing
We made a big order for the rugby. We had some extras thrown in which was great however most of the food was disappointing.Pizza - great value with lots of topping and cheese Garlic bread - tasty Chicken pieces - got extras. Chicken was moist but almost completely flavourless, even the skin Chicken wings - not crispy, very soggy and not spicy in the slightest, not great Boneless chicken - thrown in for free, they were not bad Mixed Kebab - very chewy lamb pieces, nice salad selection, no chilli sauce despite requested Cheeseburger - no complaints, was moist and tasty Cheesy chips - nice big portion but the cheese didn't seem to have any flavourOverall I was disappointed with the quality of the food. I would definitely order pizza again, it's good value for money. However I'd avoid all chicken.
- Oliver Pirrie

very nice food.
Very good value. Lovely and hot. Quick delivery thankyou.
- Lynda Easter

Tasty but a little slow today.
The food was tasty as always. However it was a little slow this time, just over the expected delivery times.
- Lucy McCarthy

Late, forgot food and drink
Thanks for sending over the feedback form. Unfortunately service was not as good as it had been in the past. It took over 90 minutes for my food to arrive (which was frustrating as I had children to feed). And when it did arrive there was no garlic bread of cans of pepsi. This was particularly frustrating as the cans were parts of the meal deal (not an add on). I didn't call back because it took 90 minutes for the food to arrive, and I didn't want to wait another 90 for cans and garlic bread.Thanks for giving me to opportunity to tell you.Scott
- Scott Collins

Great but....
Food was great, disappointed not to get the sauce we ordered.
- Emma Harrop

Food arrived hot and quickly
- Aaron Letch

Really disappointing
This is the second time we have ordered from here. The first one we had things were wrong on the order but we ordered again (via phone) this evening. The pizza was luke warm and I found a hair in it. It was also again the wrong pizza and not what I ordered. The chips and onion rings were soggy and had clearly been sat around for some time. Will not be using again.
- Anonymous

Good food, great service
Food was yum, and arrived very quickly. Will definitely be back!
- Cathy Locke

Felt a little let down by the food, chips where old and the chicken wrap was stale and cold, the burger wasn't to great aswell.
- Anonymous

Going down hill
Third time partial wrong order doner kebab instead of kofte plus good was stone cold and looked like it had been sat a while. Did not enjoy it at all. Yes they sent a new kofte kebab but everyone had eaten theirs so was not a family take out. Sorry guy gonna go else where if it doesn't pick up and we order every Thursday.
- Bernadette Scott

Generally pretty good
Normally pretty good food and we do get from them quite often and are generally happy. This time it was a bit slap dash so not great unfortunately and forgot the BBC beans despite ordering them.
- James Wiseman

Great but a few things have changed
Used to order a lot from here when we lived in Essex and it's always been tasty and very good value for money. Decided to order again as we were visiting from Kent and none of the other takeaways down there were as good as this one. However since August I've noticed the there's less cheese on the cheesy chips and with the donner kebab wrap there's no option to add cheese or red cabbage anymore. which is one of the things I loved the most and one of the reasons why none of the other takeaways were as good. If that was changed back to how it used to be, it'd be perfect
- Kayleigh Cobbold

Perfect Kebab
Another USA Fried Chicken perfect result, we shared a special kebab and some Fried Chicken, always the best in town.
- Philip Schoenenberger

good service
Food arrived earlier than stated, was lovely and hot First time we have ordered but will defo order again
- Irene Rudhall

Good food,tasty,fresh ingredients
My first time,but definitely not last. Value for money and speedie delivery.
- boguslaw jankowski

Always use USA Fried Chicken
The kebab, chicken, and ribs were perfect as always, the chili sauce on my kebab was lovely; hot, spicy and full of flavour. The chips were still crispy and hot, not an easy thing to achieve with a delivery. I always use USA Fried Chicken and never regret it.
- Philip Schoenenberger

Food came in good time and was nice and hot. You definitely get your money's worth and it taste amazing. Highly recommend *****
- jessica turner

Speedy and very tasty
Best take away in halstead
- Emrah Almas

Wrong Order
Food turned up just under an hour after ordering adn was incorrect. Delivery guy was awesome. Manager was not... 40 Minutes it took for the correct order to be delivered.
- Tracie Cook

Smiley face
Pizzas filled a gap. What can I say?
- Stephen Goldsworthy

Chicken heaven
Yet again another brill take out. Thanks guys
- Bernadette Scott

very enjoyable
5* delicious food
- lisa mcdodds

lovely !!!!
piping hot, really enjoyed it and delivered earlier than stated. 10/10
- peter snowling

Best kebabs in town
Always get a great meal, tasty and full of flavour.
- Bernadette Scott

Great value
Great value food and good sizes
- Adam Paris

Sorry.. it was awful
Most of it went in the bin.Soggy and salty and bad chicken.I hate complaining but it was really bad. Ribs were inedible.
- Sian Hannam

Excellent,I can recommend it to everyone.
- Joe Schiszler

Great food
Good food great service and delivery on time what more could you ask thanks guys
- Bernadette Scott

Really nice
Can't go wrong with a dirty usa !!
- Jorgee Adams

One of the best
Always helpful and on time
- Bernadette Scott

Great as always
Came earlier than said hassle free as it should be 5☆
- Lee Hornsey

Fab value!
It's cheap, tasty and plentiful!
- Carla Leland

Always happy
Thank you USA
- Sara Kilany

Halsteads no.1 takeaway
Simply the best,better than all the rest
- Mark Phillips

Good service
Service great, arrived in quick time, food hot when it arrived. Very good
- Amanda Sedgwick

Love USA chicken
Always good and love the chilie sauce
- Oliver Speers

Well done
Food is good and delivery very prompt.
- Paul layton-smith

Great Value
Always great!
- matthew digby

Great Value and Great taste!
- matthew digby

Speedy delivery
- Charles Nicks

Food was great ,chicken was cooked just right
- Gavin Steed

Food was great ,chicken was cooked just right
- Gavin Steed

Nice as usual
Easy to order, ready on time and a good price!
- Grant Snow

Cheese 1/4lb burger
Great as always - even though fries were missing, a quick phone call and they were on their way - with apologies!! :)
- Rhiannon Taylor

Chicken Shish
Chicken was a little burnt and too much onion in salad but was ok other than that
- Kieran Springall

USA Chicken is always amazing
Food always ready on time and always very tasty - best kebabs I've ever had!
- Murray Silver

Best kebab place on the area!
Very delicious kebabs, amazing burgers and speedy, professional services! I highly recommend it!
- Joanna Duvenage

Best kebab in Halstead!!
- Harrison Gorham

So good . So good value and some hot looking chips
- Adam

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