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14 West Lane, Bermondsey, SE16 4NY

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14 West Lane,
SE16 4NY.

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Great food
Food was really yummy and there was plenty of it, I've got lots for left overs.
- bek myer

Not good.
I’ve ordered from Western Spice a couple times before but this was my first time in a while. The food arrived lukewarm- which I put down to me living 1.7 miles away from the restaurant. Tasted ok. However, the next morning I vomited it all up.
- Callum Fosberry

Veg order
As I am a transitioning vegan it would good to see on the menu weather dishes are vegan! The food was delicious but wasn't a lot in the containers, but they delivered faster than the time given.
- bek myer

Excellent service
Good tasty food arrived on time friendly delivery man really enjoyed this
- Michaela Duan

Great take away, would recommend!
Really lovely, tasty food and arrived hot despite being a 15min drive away. Would definitely recommend. Thank you!
- Emily Downing

Great food, speedy delivery!
I recommend Western Spice.
- Adrian Fedoreanu

Great food for less
I found the food from western spice very good at affordable prices.
- Pankaj Baghel

Great value for money. Very tasty and great spices.
- Lazar Armianov

Te food was hot , and yummy
The food was only 5 minutes late and that is understandable with the problems at the Tunnel . We both enjoyed our meal .. We only ordered because we had had a leaflet in the door this week .
- Ann Duffin

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