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Hey there takeaway lover! Feeling those dreaded hunger pangs? Got the munchies for doner meat and chips on a warm pitta covered in garlic and chilli sauce, a ½ Beef Burger stuffed to the gills with mounds of cheddar cheese or a fulfilling bellyful of cheese, curry and chips – takeaway is definitely the go to for joyous comfort food! Here at Kukd.com, we’re well aware of this, so with you in mind we’ve compiled a list of great takeaway restaurants in the Croydon area.

Dining out will always be popular amongst us Brits, but when you’re tired and starving and it’s time for a chillout, you can forget about getting ready and going out into the hustle and bustle of a restaurant – get it in instead with online takeaway ordering! You can still get yourself restaurant quality food, just get it to your home instead. Simply type your postcode into the search bar and filter your results to find the right takeaways serving up the right food.

Discover some of the best takeaways in Croydon

Croydon is one of the most populous and culturally diverse boroughs of not only London but the entire UK. It’s due to this diversity, that we can give thanks to a wide range of restaurants, each serving up an assortment of authentic comfort food classics. From traditional Lebanese tagines to herb infused pizza’s dripping with cheese, you’re never too far away from great food in Croydon – and you can get it all ordered online!

Ready to order? Get it on and satisfy those takeaway cravings the 21st century way. Forget faffing around with a handful of takeaway pamphlets. Pop your postcode into the search bar to find takeaway restaurants near you now. Filter your postcode search by cuisine, distance, collection or delivery, menu, customer rating, takeaway offers and more. Your taste buds won’t settle for anything less than the absolute best, so find yourself the best Croydon takeaway restaurant now!

Takeaways & Restaurants in Croydon

3 High Street, Surrey, CR8 2AF
40 Goodstone Road, Greater London South, CR8 5JE
50 Croydon Road, Surrey, CR3 6QB
177 – 179 Brighton Road, Greater London South, CR2 6EG
280 Wickham Road, Greater London South, CR0 8BJ
34 Chipstead Valley Road, Greater London South, CR5 2RA
14 Godstone Road, Surrey, CR3 6RA
51 Shirley Road, Greater London South (CR), CR0 7ER
337 Brighton Road, Surrey, CR2 6EQ
7 Russell Hill Parade, London, CR8 2LE
109 Lower Addiscombe Road, Greater London South (CR), CR0 6PU
3 Ye Market, Selsdon Road, Greater London South (CR), CR2 6PW
125 Beulah Road, Greater London South (CR), CR7 8JJ
19 Croham Road, Greater London South (CR), CR2 7PB
18 Upper Green East, Surrey, CR4 2PB
206 Addington Road, Greater London South, CR2 8LD
298 Thornton Road, Greater London South, CR0 3EU
926 Brighton Road, Purley, CR8 2LN
206A Addington Road, Greater London, CR2 8LD
25 Croham Road, South Croydon, CR2 7PB
179a London Road, London, CR4 2JB
51A Shirley Road, Croydon, CR0 7ER
7 The Parade, Greater London South (CR), CR5 1EH
197 Lower Road, Croydon, CR0 6RA