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Hey there takeaway lover! You hear that rumbling? Feeling a bit weak and agitated? That’s your hunger monster letting you know that it’s feeding time silly! Hunger doesn’t faff around when foods on the horizon, it just demands the finest comfort food in the most convenient way possible. That’s where we can lend a helping hand old friend. Don’t make the mistake of making it angry, just appease it with delicious food in Motherwell now!

Find takeaway restaurants in your area by typing your postcode into the search bar and click search. You can filter via cuisine, distance from your location, customer rating and more and complete your order online for collection or delivery. From the juiciest of cheeseburgers to the cheesiest of pizza’s, your days about to get a whole lot better. No more hunger monsters, no more hangry emotions, just hot delicious food, straight to your door.

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What’s tickling your fancy on this culinary occasion? Perhaps a curry, a Chinese or a kebab? Whatever your palette is pleading for, you’re sure to find something to love in Motherwell. Colloquially dubbed “Steelopolis” as a result of its links to the steel trade, Motherwell is awash with a great selection of food restaurants to keep your stomach as strong as steel against hunger pangs.

From Motherwell to Coatbridge and Airdrie, we’ve a ton of experience providing food to hungry food lovers like yourself in the most convenient way possibly. Once you’ve decided between a pizza, a pathia or a prawn chow mein, it’s time to get your order on. Simply select your restaurant and your dishes and proceed to the checkout where you can pay via cash, card or PayPal. Each order earns you Kukd loyalty points for money off your next order and you know what that means – FREE FOOD!

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Takeaway Restaurants in Motherwell

Mobeen Tandoori
286 Bellshill Road , ML1 3SQ
Spice of Life
41 Gateside Street , ML3 7JG
Umar's Grill House
55 Stirling Street , ML6 0AH
Mushtaqs 29 Min Delivery
154 Almada Street , ML3 0EW
136 Manse Road , ML2 9BD
Bombay Cuisine
17-19 Motherwell Road , ML1 4EB
Curry Club
16 New Stevenson Road , ML1 4EQ
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