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Hey there Nottingham takeaway lover! Hunger pangs got you feeling hangry? We know all about situations such as these. We’ve seen everything from roast rage to kebab kick-offs and pizza paddy’s, solving them ALL with fast and easy online takeaway delivery ordering. Get whatever food you desire, whether it’s your roast dinner delivery, succulent kebab takeaway or pepperoni pizza and ward off that irritating hunger the best way we know how delicious takeaway food!

Nottingham’s food scene has boomed in recent years, which is great news for foodies like yourself. There’s roughly 300 restaurants in the city centre alone from Michelin star to greasy spoons, so whatever you fancy, whatever time a day and whatever occasion, you know you’re only a stone’s throw away from getting it all. Got a favourite restaurant that you’d like to see on Kukd.com? We’d love to hear from you. Just fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch with them in a flash.

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Whether you need your takeaway for collection or delivery, get it now using our smartphone app or our online listings. There’s none of the faff of sifting through an endless number of takeaway pamphlets, none of the hassle of waiting to get through to the takeaway on the phone, none of the issues with the takeaway misinterpreting your order wrong - just quick and easy takeaway ordering every time.

Chuck your postcode into the search bar now and cast your eyes on the cuisines on offer near you. From Indian to Chinese, Pizza and more, there’s a great selection on offer near Nottingham. Select your favourite dishes and make sure to not forget the sides! After all, if you’re going to do takeaway night – you may as well do it properly. Just curl up on the sofa or in bed, get the TV on and chow down on some delicious well deserved food.

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459 Westdale Lane, Nottinghamshire, NG3 6DH
32 Leeming Street, Nottinghamshire, NG18 1NE