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Man has never truly experienced the wonders of life till putting oneself into a truly epic food coma. There’s no greater moment of comfort than star fishing on the sofa, with a boxset on the teev and a cheesy slice of pizza in your gob. So why not have yourself one of these magical moments today with us at Kukd.com? After all we are the self-proclaimed Kings of Kebabs, the Barons of Burgers, the Presidents of Pizza and the Superheroes who serve you the food you love, when you need it most.

Picture this – pizzas loaded with toppings and dripping with cheese, creamy curries accompanied with fluffy naans to mop up and juicy beef burgers covered in cheese, bacon and burger sauce - no this isn’t a description of heaven, this is what your evening could like if you got your order on. So, what are you waiting for? Type your postcode into the search bar now to find a takeaway near you now. The epic summit of food you’re about to receive shall go down in the foodie scriptures friend.

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Teeside is truly packed to the brim with great places to eat. What else could you expect? I mean after all; the north west is the birthplace to some of the nation’s greatest foodie creators and for that – we salute you! Whether you’re looking to dine in or order takeaway food for collection or delivery, we’ve got your back kid. Get yourself started by typing your TS postcode into the search bar and you’ll be well on your way.

Filter your postcode search by cuisine, customer reviews, menu’s, opening times and more to find the perfect takeaway for you. You can pay securely online using card or use cash if that’s more convenient. Each order you make with us at Kukd.com also awards you with Kukd loyalty points that you can use to get money off your next takeaway. That’s practically free food!

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