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1544 Pershore Road, Stirchley, Birmingham, B30 2NW

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1544 Pershore Road,
B30 2NW.

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Amazing food
recently moved back to the area after a good few years and I’m pleased to say we were not disappointed - still the best balti house by far! The automatic 20% discount online only takes 15% off but we raised it with balti hut and they corrected the amount no problem. Delivered on time, hot and delicious food!
- Mary-Ann Lloyd

Good Food As Always
Never had a bad meal from Balti Hut and have been using them for 20 odd years
- Denis Barrett

2 hour wait for delivery
After being given a 50 min wait time, called the restaurant at 60 mins to be told it’s on its way will be 10 mins, after 1hr 50mins wait rang back to ask for a refund they asked for our telephone number 10 mins later they delivered the order, tried to explain to the driver we want a refund who had no idea what we were talking about and never received a call back
- Anonymous

Fantastic food and service
The delivery was quick and the food was tasty and of good quality. Would recommend. Also great with nut allergy information too!

Amazing food
I’ve been going here for years staff amazing recognise me even after a few months. Staff very friendly and amazing food
- Maxine Butler

Balti hut great service
Food arrived within the time period stated. I often order from this restaurant and the food is always of good quality. Very easy website to use.
- Asher Brown

Great service all round
Excellent food, delivery time in window and great service
- Richard Bishop

Generally very good
We had a take away and it was tasty but nothing to get too excited about.
- Karen Lineton

Better than I expected!
First time here and really enjoyed it. The only downer and this is literally it, was the popadoms, they tasted stale. Not really crunchy. Perhaps this was to do with condensation from the bag, but I live 1 minute away, if this is the issue then there must be another way to package them? The rest was lovely.
- Metin YUSUF

Not for me
Sorry but the tandoori chops and the chicken balti were not to my taste. The lamb chops were not good quality and the flavour very mild. There was plenty of chicken breast meat in the balti but the sauce was rather sweet and of a uniform consistency and taste.
- Paul Hess

After ordering online I assumed it would make it easier! When my food was delivered there was a item missing from my order, I had to telephone them to inform them. They did send the missing item but by this time everyone else had eaten there food and mine was not enjoyed as I had to eat it in two separate parts. On the other hand the food was enjoyable but makes me weary to order from there in the future!
- Sheryl Rhoden

Nice main
The main was nice as always. The starter though was very dry and over cooked.
- Gavin Allbutt

brilliant food...again
Food is always delicious and on time. No complaints at all
- Paul Hughes

Amazing food, 2hr delivery time
The food was some of the best we have had for a long time. Sadly the waiting time almost put us off. I'm So glad it didn't.
- Steve Wilkes

Quality Food & Service
We have had a quality meal with both quantity, Taste & Service, will always use the Balti Hut
- Colin Ashfield

A refreshing change to the usual take away
we were really impressed with the food - we had vegetarian dishes and for a change, compared to many other restaurants..the food was fresh, there were large chunks of vegetables and it tasted great...even the side salad was good with fresh grated carrot and nuts
- Emma Woolf

Food was disgusting
- Jonathan Weblin

Great tasting food
Delivered hot and on time my favourite Balti.
- Wendy Faber

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