Bombay Boulevard

4 Denmark Street, Bristol, BS1 5DQ

4 Denmark Street,
BS1 5DQ.

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Good service, food average
Ordered online and the food was ready ahead of time. The food was average, little flavour and mixed veg side had a funny taste
- Duncan Turnbull

Efficient and easy to use - my local takeaway just got more convenient!
Used this system to order at our long standing Indian takeaway as we couldn't find an old menu and realised they'd gone completely online. It's great! No faffing with cards or cash (paid with PayPal) and even got a time it will be ready for - I turned up just as they were bagging up my order. Thank you Bombay Boulevard and kukd :)
- Hannah Jacklin

great meal
excellent meal at a good price. friendly staff. thanks!
- mark shotter

Disappointing value
The food is consistently good, but the value for money diminishes each time I order. The first time I ordered from here, the starter came with mint sauce (as it does with every other curry house), and there were popadoms included for free. Now, I have to buy mint sauce separately (or get none) and pay for popadoms too (and the order came with precisely 1, which is basically a rip-off). Not exactly what I'd call an incentive for loyalty.
- Chris Gaunt

Excellent as always
Good food, cheap, and fast.
- Chris Gaunt

Good value, good food, fast delivery, as always.
Fast delivery, good food, excellent value.
- Chris Gaunt

Good food, good value, as always
Fast delivery, good food, excellent value.
- Chris Gaunt

Good value, decent food, fast delivery, as always.
Good value, decent food, fast delivery, as always.
- Chris Gaunt

Good value, decent food, very fast delivery, as always.
Good value, decent food, very fast delivery, as always.
- Chris Gaunt

Good value, decent food, as always.
Good value, decent food, as always. Fast delivery.
- Chris Gaunt

Good value, decent food, as always.
Fast, cheap, can't go wrong.
- Chris Gaunt

Missing bottle of coke
Food was very good but I was expecting a free bottle of coke that I did not receive
- Gavin Welsh

Bristols best indian!!!! Just wish we lived closer they could deliver to us...still worth the trip though!!!
- Lee Hoggett

Food was good but took its time
The food arrived 30 mins after the expected delivery time which was very disappointing.When it did arrive it was satisfactory but certainly not the best curry I've ever had.Mr G R Welsh
- Gavin Welsh

I can hardly believe I paid money for this.
Poor, so many better options in Bristol. The curry was pretty watery and bland and the naan was cold. Also, the onion bhajis were flat, I hate that. The delivery driver was rude, couldn't find my flat and didn't even have change to the nearest £5. All in all, a waste of calories.
- Steve Lacey

Exactly as ordered.
Fast, good and cheap, as ever.
- Chris Gaunt

Good food, collection only
The food was good as always and good value, but I had to go and collect it as apparently their delivery driver was unavailable. Not the most convenient arrangement.
- Chris Gaunt

Really nice food, more than reasonable price, very friendly delivery guy.
- Simon Metson

Exactly what I wanted
I took no chances and ordered everything I wanted this time, and it was all good, and arrived very fast.
- Chris Gaunt

Can't fault it
Generous portions and good quality.
- Robert Blazye

Good food and service
First time order, good food, delivery about 1 hour. Will order again and would recommend.
- Zoe-Marie Thomas-Caddick

Great service, bit late, bit cold, but WHAT an experience!
Ordering Process-Easy, plenty to choose from, reasonably priced, good offers. Overall, great!The waiting process-45 minutes to an hour, as to be expected with indian deliveries, he was a few minutes late, so I rang up the restaurant and they informed me that the driver was on his way and he'd call as soon as he's there. They were pleasant to talk to, no harm done.The driver- He was an adorable man, really nice, well spoken, and happy to have a chat. That's what I call service with a smile, really good, the driver is the face of the business with deliveries. If the driver ain't a good guy/woman, then it can put a downer on the experience personally. So, this man definitely improved the experience.The Food-plenty of it, it was rather cold (probably due to so many traffic lights in Bristol) but all done to a good standard. Received everything from my order, and more-a few extra poppadums, which always goes down well!Overall View- Despite the food being a bit cold and a bit late, I will definitely be using these
- Harley Watson

Exactly what I wanted
Good food, reasonably priced, delivered extremely quickly. Awesome.
- Chris Gaunt

Exactly what I wanted
Good food, reasonably priced. They missed a small item off my order but it's not a big deal.
- Chris Gaunt

pretty good
Curry couldve been warmer, possibly caused by the slight delay in delivery as the sat nav apparently wouldnt recognise my postcode. This is a comparatively minor point as the food was nice and lots of it for the price
- Scott Morris

Was very nice but still quite pricey, although you get a lot of food.
- Annie Ballard

Quick and easy
Friendly staff, food delivered as ordered
- Edward Mansell

Not Happy
Food was good, and very hot (temp wise) although the portions were smaller than expected, did find it rather expensive for 12 items. Did get a free bottle of 1.5L coke.The driver could not find the property, said he was outside, I went out walked around could not find him, called on his mobile and he was right in the middle of the long road, even though I stated the property was on the corner.
- Andrew Carter

Best delivered curry!
Super fast delivery, good price and delicious!
- Nick Smith

Ordered red wine but cane with white, apart from that was good
- Annie Ballard

great as always!
I love the food and the value for money is brilliant! Worth it everytime!
- Annie Ballard

Thouroughly enjoyed the food, easy to order online, and ready to collect when we arrived, Will be ordering again
- Brenda Bridges

Excellent, although a little pricey.
My partner and I regularly eat from Bombay Boulevard, and we think the food is fantastic! There have been a couple of times where things like poppadoms have not been received despite being ordered and paid for, and the food is a little on the pricey side - but not enough to stop me eating there!
- Annie Ballard

Very nice people
Always friendly and polite, good value for money. I would prefer a more ball-shaped onion bhaji (theirs are flat) but taste is good.
- Edward Mansell

bombay boulevard
only problem was that we asked for free coke because our order was over 12.50 but it wasnt in the bag. but we did get some extra popadoms and bombay potatoes so thankyou!
- Camilla Harvey

Left me feeling stuffed :-)
The food arrived on time, and in a taxi! Great service, very tasty food, plenty to leave me feeling like I would explode as I was so full! Very generous portions. Would use again and have already recommended to friends.
- Tim Mahy

Not bad
Good value and quality
- Cliff Yu

will order again!
good food! friendly staff! fast delivery!
- Marcos Attwood

Lovely people
Very polite and helpful, excellent quality
- Edward Mansell

Good food and service
- Edward Mansell

not bad, can be a bit better though
- Cliff Yu

Great City Centre Food
Delivered on time, very nice curry with good quality meat. Would reccomend and use again.
- C Dixon

Great food and service
Great service, which was fast. Very personable staff. Food was great and value for money. Would definitely order again!
- Kate Taylor

Good Enough
The food we ordered was really good and it was delivered fast too... Would like to place an order again.. and recommend any traveller in Bristol to try it.
- Vikas Narula

Top Notch
The food was Delicious, one of the nicest Indians ive had - really rich and flavoursome.Next time, i think id order 2 of everything!Couldnt have been easier. Brilliant.
- Joanna Orchard

Great Curry at a great price! Would order again!

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