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29-33 New Street, Dudley, DY1 1LT

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29-33 New Street,
DY1 1LT.

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1 Reviews
1 Reviews
1 Reviews

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Great food, Terrible Service
I love chickafilla, the food is the nicest chicken I've ever had but the service is terrible... 6 out of the last 7 times ive ordered, one way or another its been messed up. Last night I ordered and my 8pc sizzler wings was missing, multiple times before my Peri Peri Chicken strips has been the wrong seasoning. Just lately i would be lucky if i ordered and it all come as requested.
- Craig Pell

Bad food
Bad food order was about 17£ me n the mrs both got stomach playing up it only been few hours I've got the sh**s already with bad stomach cramps what bad food..
- I K

Not to good
Our food came late and cold and they forgot some things and put things in that we didn't want won't b orderin from there any time soon
- Katie Evans

Fast delivery
Quick delivery , food was good , would order again :)
- marie Ennis

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