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13 High Street, Waltham Cross, Enfield, EN8 7AA

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13 High Street,
Waltham Cross,
EN8 7AA.

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The food was delicious, and delivered on time. Only issue was the restaurant didn’t receive a notification from KUKD to say that I had paid online for my food, so was asked to pay - although when I explained the situation the delivery driver was understanding. Will definitely order again.
- Baykan Fikri

delivered 10 minuets early
- tony levy

Tasty fast food
Online booking was simple/easy payment/fast delivery/excellent quality food
- Susan

Good food (Take Away or sit-in), Reasonable prices,
Recomend this restaurant for a take-away or to have a table in the restaurant.
- Brian Arnold

Take Away : Food Very Good
The food ordered was very good, the only comment I would make ist that the Chickem Tikka Masala is too sweet, it was more a chicken dessert than a main meal. Hopefully next time it will be as I would like
- Brian Arnold

Unlucky 13 :-(
Our 13th Takeaway order and it will unfortunately be our last from The Cinnamon Lounge !Once again the order turned up wrong-this time 2 rices were missing. We phoned as soon as we realised and to their credit they did send the missing dishes out and it took about 20 mins. However this did spoil the meal as our son ate alone while we waited and had to keep the rest warm in the oven which dried the Naan breads out.But worse than that though was the poor quality fatty pieces of Lamb in the Lamb Korma and Bhuna and my wife's Chicken Bhuna was so salty it was inedible and unlike any Bhuna we had ever tasted!! If she had been served it in a restaurant she would have sent it straight back .So disappointing after the many nice meals we have had.Maybe a different Chef was on that night but even so there was no way a curry should taste so extremely salty as this!As this was our 3rd incorrect order and combined with the poor food we will not be using them again.A shame but we have had enough now.
- Paul Evans

Food FAB as always but...............
This is now the second time that we have got incorrect dishes :-(A couple of orders ago we got a different curry to that ordered and only realised when we tipped it on top of rice-so too late to complain and as starving we ate it anyway ! It was nice but as I have said not what was ordered (dupiaza). But hey mistakes are made so we let it go.........Last night we ordered 4 dishes and 2 of them were incorrect ! The Lamb Korma ordered had changed into a Chicken one and the Lamb Biryani contained Chicken as well !Again we had put all this out on the plates so we just ate it and it was nice but not the requested order!Very difficult to know what to do for the best as if we ring to complain and await the correct dish no one wants to watch the others eat and then wait another hour for a correct dish to be delivered (and by then all the accompaniments would be cold and everyone else would have finished).We love the food but would like to get what was actually ordered please in future as we are regular customers now!
- Paul Evans

Excellent Takeaways continue !
We must have had at least a dozen takeaways from here by now (do not review every time)and have been more than happy with them all :-)Our next stop will be to take friends actually to the Cinnamon Lounge for a sit down meal and see what the restaurant is like.
- Paul Evans

Delicious as always!
Top class Indian cuisine
- Rebecca Panteli

Will definately remain a loyal customer :-)
This will be about our fourth meal delivered from here.All have been excellent,arrived hot and within the hour delivery spot.If you are reading Cinnamon Lounge thank you very much and keep up the good work !
- Paul Evans

First order will definately not be our last :-)
Disappointed in our last meal from The Juboraj so decided to give Cinnamon Lounge a try.We were very happy we did as their Tandoori meal was far superior!The meat was much nicer and the salad fresh and tasty.We look forward to trying some differant dishes next time.
- Paul Evans

Very Quick
RECOMMEND! Speedy delivery and quite probably the best curry I have ever had! Very friendly service and excellent value for money, most definately going back again.....and again.......
- Chard

Awesome takeaway - food was delivered quickly - hot on arrival - tasted immense. I would recommend this place and order from them again.
- Sarah

Very pleased with this order. Onion bhaji was crispy and sweet, almost caramelized. Not at all doughy in the middle. Lots of lovely chopped fresh herbs in my Manchurian chicken which made it extra delicious and more than made up for the slight dryness of the chicken breast. Paratha was just how I like it - not too thick. I personally prefer my Tarka dhal a little less soupy, but it tasted exactly as it should. Very impressed by the price. I compared it to the same order of another local place and it was a couple of pounds cheaper. I was also very happy with how quickly the food came. Received well within the time limit. We Will definitly use again!
- Fiona

A genuine and very pleasant surprise. Took my wife out for her birthday and were really impressed with the service, The service was first class, but the food was the absolute highlight. Beautiful. Manager / owner was a very friendly, who made us feel welcome and we'll definitely return.Superb food, friendly service, excellent value - highly recommend it. Well worth the visit.
- Nick

Thumbs Up
Absolutely Brillient
- Sarah

Absolutely Awesome
- Alex

I started eating Cinnamon lounge as a student, almost a decade ago, when I lived in halls around the corner. It was a pleasure to find them again on curries online, after too many years, and even more of a pleasure to find that the standard of food and service hasn't changed a bit in fact it has improved and modern touch to a dishes. Almost over-generous portions, with a great range of distinctive and wholesome dishes, a wide range of sundries, the Cinnamon Lounge bang on the mark, and this may be what makes it a Waltham Cross. I promise not to leave you again.
- Coenraad

My girlfriend and I went to Cinnamon Lounge the other night. It was fantastic! From the moment we walked in the staff were nothing but friendly. The food was great, and the menu reflected a blend of both traditional and modern cuisines. The restaurants decor was beautiful. We also got drinks on the house. Will definitely be going back here, five stars!
- Adam

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