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We have tried many restaurants to find one we like! This was by far the best I’ve ever had.. So we will be sticking with you
- Heidi Knight

A few minutes later than expected
It was worth the extra couple of minutes wait
- Kim Shaw

Hot and very tasty
Arrived under expected time. The note I added was auctioned. The food was hit and very tasty . Not greasy like other take always! Good. Would recommend and good price.
- Marsha Cannon

Great food
Amazing food perfect for vegetarians!!
- Rebecca Plumb

Slightly delayed but still enjoyable
- Brendan Simkiss

Spot on!
No issues! Hot and on time
- Brendan Simkiss

No issues!
Spot on! Hot and on time
- Brendan Simkiss

Burnt popadoms
Not the usual standard this time. Burnt flavoured poppadoms went in the bin.
- Gary Sinclair

Food delivered stone cold, called to complain and was told it can’t be cold. Dissatisfied
- Paul Huntley

Brilliant as always
Excellent taste, highly recommended
- Jim Kenealy

Excellent as always
Always Great food & service
- Geoff Lodge

Felt the urge for a curry
Wasn't disappointed, great meal.
- Jason Lockwood

Football Takeout!
Great food as ever! Even turned up 30 minutes earlier than estimated on a England Football Match Night!
- Russell Titchen

Kaz’s - Nice
The food was brought to me on time and the server was polite. The meals were tasty, felt good and healthy. The nirimish was full of veg with it being quite smooth, put together. The lamb vindaloo was very hot which I loved along with the taste, succulent and rich sauce. The paratha was well put together and tasted good. I enjoyed this takeaway and have been a regular.
- Bhavin Patel

Just ok
So delivered earlier than expected but no extra sauces for poppadoms. Was nice but not exceptional
- Kevin Ford

Tasty food, fast delivery
Food nice and hot, tasty chicken vindaloo
- Tom Day

Speedy delivery
Quick delivery (sooner than stated on email- always a plus) Food was delicious.
- Louise Cooper

Great as always
Excellent food and delivery was when they said it would be.
- Rob Witcomb

Great food but delivery was a shambles
Good as always was fantastic but something went horribly wrong with the service/delivery. Food order arrived one hour early; so we sent this back as we weren’t ready for it. When our order then arrived on time, it was the wrong order! When I phoned to complain, was told that they don’t receive the preferred delivery time when you order online so they simply deliver it as soon as the food is ready; which isn’t true as I’ve always ordered online and always receive it at the desired time! And there had clearly been a mix up with some of the orders! However the issue was quickly resolved and our order was re-delivered in minutes, was piping hot and tasted fresh. Overall great meal but something clearly went wrong today.
- Lauren Barrett

Great food as always, ready on time.
- Vanessa Lowman

best curry
lovely restaurant for a meal out & a great takeaway. We either eat in or collect our orders so can't review their delivery service, but would definitely recommend Kaz's.
- pauline curtis

Great food
Food as always
- colin smith

Lovely food
Food was delicious
- Amanda Norbury

Delicious and on time
- Marcin Urbala

Lost delivery
The usually good kaz let me down last night, our delivery driver got lost in church Langley which led to our food although very nice , being delivered cold and needing reheating
- Rob Meekcoms

Always great
Food was great and delivery was quick
- Rob Witcomb

Great food
Great food and good delivery time
- Beverley Myers

Lovely food
Second time using, food just as lovely as the first time
- Amanda Norbury

Quality Takeaway
Had a delivery yesterday and once again, great tasting beautiful​ food from Kaz's!!
- Gavin Marsh

Tasty hot food!
Will order again :)
- Colin Baker

Best in Harlow!
I have had a number of deliverers now and have eat in the restaurant it self, cant knock either one for quality and value, great service all round.
- Russell Titchen

Tasty and hot
Really like the king prawn shaslick, always arrives promptly . My favourite restaurant and take away service
- Jackie Butler

Food amazing as always always hot and on time
- Tracy Beckwith

Great food
Couldn't fault kaz takeaway
- R Hay

King prawn shaslik
Absolutely gorgeous. Huge prawns . A winner for me
- Jackie Butler

Tasty food, quick delivery
Quick and easy to place an order online. Food arrived with the time frame given. Was tasty as always. Thank you!
- Claire Ford

As good as usual!
All present and correct many thanks
- Brendan Simkiss

Lovely food
Lovely food
- Natalie Williams

Food delivered cold
Delivery was over than expected and once delivered the food was cold. I would think twice before ordering again.
- Vanessa Seymour

kaz food
the food is really nice from here we reslly enjoyed it, the only thing I would say is the chicken and chips dish could do with being bit bigger and the chicken with some kind off non spicy glaze or sommthing on it as it was bit dry.
- April Lucking

Half delivery recieved
Ordered before restaurant opened to ensure requested time was met, yet again Kukd website changes requested delivery time (something I've mentioned many times before) when delivery arrives 2 mains and 2 sides missing which was promptly corrected, not a great service received on this occasion
- Brendan Simkiss

Speedy delivery
Lovely food
- Jackie Butler

As title says!
- Brendan Simkiss

Tale of two deliveries....both great
First time we had ordered from Kaz and even though delivery time was extended, i was kept updated. Delivery arrived in time period and was food was presenttd out of a cool/hot box so arrived fresh. However poppadums were missing. Rang Kaz and they couldnt have been more apologetic and arranged for them to be delivered straight away. They turned up 20 mins which was fine as we were still eating the great food. I always like to try something new at a new inidan so had the chicken mayalian pineapple dish which was delicious. Overall mistakes happen but its how you deal with them that counts. I feel i have found a new regular indian which i woild be very happy to recommend. Thanks 10/10
- Mike Faimer

Spot on!
No complaints great food!
- Brendan Simkiss

Excellent meal
Excellent service and quality of food is amazing alwsys order from you
- Katie Ruby

Fast delivery lovely food!!
The delivery was fast, and the food was beautiful as always from Kaz's. But was a bit disappointed as they forgot the mushroom rice and cheese naan. Didn't bother ringing as we had plenty of food anyway and was hungry. Apart from that Beautiful !!
- Sara Boland

Below par
Not as good as usual, both main dishes the sauce was thin and the on line ordering system needs looking at as it changes the time for delivery
- Brendan Simkiss

No complaints!
Usual high standards!
- Brendan Simkiss

Great curry from Kaz's.
- Leonie Ansell

Best Indian in town
- Stephen Monk

Kaz's is always a great choice, whether eating on or picking up takeaway. Food is excellent, well priced and great service. Will be back soon!
- Gem Dienel

worst indian meal ever
Lamb rogan josh - tough chunks of lamb dunked in a tin of chopped tomatoes, no heat whatsoever - no heat in the chicken dish which had 2 chilies sign on the menu - a real disappointment
- benita west

Food quality was OK and good value for money but it was quite cool by the time it reached us.
Food quality was OK and good value for money but it was quite cool by the time it reached us.
- Simon Pankhurst

Very Nice
Arrived on time and the food was lovely.
- David Alger

Amazing food as always best Indian in Harlow xx
- Tracy Beckwith

Long wait, Cold Food
We waited 1hr30minutes for our delivery and when it turned up it was freezing cold. We will not be ordering again.
- Samantha Patten

Spot on as usual! Many thanks
- Brendan Simkiss

Fantastic Tasty Food
Food Delivered on time and Hot... Delicious as always.
- Tina Chapman

great food
Took its time coming but was worth the wait. Food was tasty as usual
- jo elliott

Amazing food as always got in touch with kaz regarding the tikka starter and mint sauce
- Tracy Beckwith

On time and hot
Delivery was spot on - all tasted lovely as always, just slightly less chicken than usual in my madras....
- Nick Watson

On time
On time all correct just a bit below par for some reason
- Brendan Simkiss

Down Hill
We have used Kaz's since it opened, used to be very good, however, it has gone down hill in recent months regarding food quality, we ordered online & we wrote a comment in the special instructions box that what ignored regarding food quality on a previous order. Will not be going back. Beware.
- Andy King

On time, all correct, spot on as usual!
- Brendan Simkiss

Always excellent
Order arrived within half hour. Kaz does the best lamb sag curry , always lovely and tender lamb. Won't order from anyone else
- Jackie Butler

Arrived in 30 mins on a Sunday night. Was very tasty. What more can you ask for. Oh yes, how about a Kukd website that works with Microsoft Edge browser (it doesn't!).
- Karen Douse

Superb meal many thanks
- Brendan Simkiss

Spot on
As the title says!
- Brendan Simkiss

Amazing! As per usual
- Brendan Simkiss

As usual faultless
- Brendan Simkiss

Amazing as usual
- Brendan Simkiss

Great value
Can't recommend this restaurant enough!
- Brendan Simkiss

Can't fault anything!
- Brendan Simkiss

No complaints at all
- Brendan Simkiss

Spot on as usual
- Brendan Simkiss

Missing Nancy bread
Food was ordered for 730-745 via online,once was booking confirmed was advised by email that because of Kaz being so busy that order was going to be 15 minutes later,this was fine but then food was delivered at 645? And minus a nan bread I had already paid for.
- Leigh Battelley

Very poor
I have ordered from Kaz's many times, and usually the food is great. Unfortunately this order was not the case. The food came 90 mins after placing the order for an ASAP delivery. It was cold when it arrived and the lamb in the tikka masala had a worryingly black area inside one of the chunks.Very poor from Kaz's.
- Daniel McNeill

Great food
Great food, has a excellent selection of dishes which I am working my way through, not been disappointed yet! Very speedy delivery too.
- simon huseyin

Great food
We always get our food here, always tastes amazing would highly recommend
- michelle hansen

Great Indian, Poor English dishes
Ordered a curry and it was fabulous, as usual. Highly recommend both takeaway and restaurant dining for the INDIAN cuisine... However my boyfriend ordered chicken and chips. They came together in a container, covered in onions and veg that it did not specify on the website. Chips where soggy and undercooked!
- Beth Seaward

Best Indian in town
Beautiful food everytime
- Jackie Butler

Lovely food, very tasty
We selected different meals this time which we very much enjoyed, thank you. We will definitely be coming back
- Angela Zarrabi

Great food
Food was delicious and delivered quickly
- Leanne Westcar

Not to impressed
Ordered madras hot on one dish came mild onion barghe dry even though changed to round rather than flat and the email confirming delivery is going to be late before restaurant is even openis very annoying/confusing
- Brendan Simkiss

Food was really hot delivered early and was amazing
- Tracy Beckwith

Good food, but what a mess
I recently received an order via delivery. When the food got delivered I opened the bag to find half of its contents to be splattered in the bag, this made all of the containers to be smothered in chicken tikka masala. This obliviously made serving very difficult as it made a mess everywhere. However that aside the food was very good!
- Steven Patten

Excellent food very tasty ,slight delay in food being delivered but soon informed as to when it would arrive well worth the wait. many thanks....
- Edward Dye

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