1-4 Culmington Parade, 123 Uxbridge Road, West Ealing, W13 9BD

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1-4 Culmington Parade, 123 Uxbridge Road,
West Ealing,
W13 9BD.

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Wow! What tasty food! Had this with my partner and we loved the food so much that we will definitely be eating it again. Would recommend the boti kebab to start and butter chicken for mains. Can't wait to have this again!
- Sarah

No delivery - No food
I would like to review the food, but I cannot because I did not receive it. I thought I had booked delivery as I do not have a car, but the Laguna does not deliver. I phoned them and cancelled the order and will also cancel my Barclaycard payment to you. Instead I phoned Monty's who agreed to deliver and enjoyed the food from there.
- Christopher Davidson

Great Local
Went in for a dinner last week and the staff and the food were top notch, will definitely be visiting them again.
- Aaron S

Struggling to remember a curry I have enjoyed less
my wife and I used to eat at the restaurant a couple of years ago. We hadn't used it since due to us liking a few alternatives in the area. We thought we would give it a try again. The butter chicken was not great and the chicken was overcooked and grissly. The jalfrezi was possibly the worst curry from a restaurant I have had.
- Philip Crampton

not impressed
First time I ordered from here and was really looking forward to the food as there is such a variety. The food arrived within the time slot and the delivery man was very courteous. The portions were a very good size however the food was stone cold, and tasteless. Particuarly the indian starters, they were so bland. Such a shame. I will be prepared to give them one more chance however that will be it if a similar experience is had again. Fingers crossed for the next time.

The delivery was really fast. The portions were big and the quality was fantastic. Highly recommended restaurant
- mark

thank you
I was feeling unwell and the meal came timely, hot and was very tasty. Would definately reccomend the service.
- gemma

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