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416 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 9AA

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416 Hoe Street,
E17 9AA.

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Not impressed
- Emanuel Petrina

Nazarii Baranskyi
Delivery was on time. Food was delicious us well.
- Nazarii Baranskyi

Yummy. Will order again.
Ordered sushi, gyozas and some noodles. Sushi was delicious and very fresh, so was the rice and prawn. So much fresh avocado on top. Noodles and Gyozas were very yummy. Not oily at all and didn’t get the “guilty full tummy feeling” after our meal. Will definitely order again.
- Annabelle Gray

Not even close... avoid.
Having just returned from a trip to Japan, I was craving some Japanese food. Thought I'd give this place a try. Unfortunately these guys don't seem to know what Japanese food is. I didn't dare try the sushi from a random place, so went with some safer options instead. I ordered a miso soup, chicken yakitori sticks, a mixed meat yakisoba menrui and some takoyaki. Miso soup was not pre-made, I have to add my own hot water... I'm presuming for transportation reasons. Not the best soup; tofu was all smooshed but tasted OK I guess. The yakisoba was pretty bland without a great deal of meat. The yakitori sticks were dreadful... I don't know how you can screw up chicken on sticks, but they managed it. A few pieces of dry chicken mixed with carrots and yellow bell peppers? and covered in a cold gelatinous 'sauce' I guess. I don't think this restaurant has ever seen yakitori before! The takoyaki was the only decent part of this meal... but I suspect that was because they weren't made by the restaurant... I say t
- Jay Loak

Just awful - very bland, cold by the time it reached us and badly cooked. Tasted like microwave food. Just made with frozen peas, sweetcorn and carrots. What a waste of time and money. Avoid at all costs.
- Bryony Hussey

Won't order again
Took ages to arrive, (delivery man did apologize) then arrived cold and upside down so had spilled out into the carrier bag. Quality of the food wasn't great. Can get much better takeaway for the price.
- Sarah Bedford

Tasty food
Decent mixed salmon and tuna sushi, tasty prawn gyoza, prawn tempura batter a little dry
- Henry Dorling

Vile food
Took 2hours to deliver. Tasted disgusting. Fish was rancid. rice was slimy. refused to give me a full refund and some horrible woman shouted at me over the phone. Worst thing I've ever eaten in my life. Avoid at all costs.
- Simon Barber

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