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60 Fawcett Road, Southsea, PO4 0DN

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60 Fawcett Road,
PO4 0DN.

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Average food
The service was punctual but the driver did charge me £2 more than the website stated. There was a lot of food, free Bombay potatoes. The chicken was quite poor quality - bit chewy, but they paid attention to flavour. So not horrible but I probably won't order from here again.
- Sarah Carter

Raj dulal
Excellent again. Mushroom balti very good
- Reg Gaylor

Always the best from Raj Dulal!
Raj Dulal is by far my favourite curry in Southsea. I have tried lots of different ones but I always come back to Raj. Lamb Achari is quite fantastic!
- Samuel

Lovely Meal
Easy to do repeat orders this way and the food was great with delivery fast. All in all, good value.

Not brilliant
Food was OK but didn't make me think "I'm ordering there next week". Nothing horrible just nothing specific that stuck out as really nice.
- Paul Grady

Good meal
Chewy samosas. A bit late but it was New year Eve.
- Xiaojing Barnes

Excellent Food Again
Another great meal and thoroughly recommend this take-away

Good Food, Late Delivery
Good food as usual but ordered on line Saturday evening on line through Curries Online. They were 40 minitues late! Frustrating but then it was worth the wait.

Missing Items
The food here is excellent and I often order on line but this was the second time my order was wrong. The first was no chapati's and the second time I had bombay potatoes not onion bhajees so it was disappointing!

Another Good Curry
I have tried this takeaway 3 times and it has been consistently good. Delivery was fast for a Saturday (when Pompey were at home) so I cannot fault it.

Surprisingly Good!
We decided to try somewhere completely different and knowing Jimmy from 35 years ago, when he worked at the Taj Mahal in Kings Road, I thought I would give it a try. I must say it was exceedingly good and thoroughly enjoyable. The chicken almost melted in your mouth when compared to another recent local restaurant, which was so chewy.Give it a try, you won't regret it!

Always a great Curry
Food was fresh, hot and full of flavour
- Robin Humphris

Great As Always
Never any problems, food is always fresh, hot
- Robin Humphris

Excellent as always
- Robin Humphris

Great food, Great service
Our curries arrived really quickly, nice and hot and absolutely delicious. Plus free Bombay potatoes
- Amdrew Burns

Always Quality
- Robin Humphris

Always Great
Excellent as always
- Robin Humphris

Good As Always
Great Food, only slight issue. The driver was confused that I had paid online even though I have used this service over 6 times. A bit strange as I never phoned them so they got my order right some how. Prob Curriesonline issue rather than the Take Aways, no problems caused with it.
- Robin Humphris

Good All round
- Robin Humphris

Great food :D
the food was lovely and the food arrived quite quickly
- pam eckersall

Great Allround as Usual
No faults at all, food great as always. I only use this place now.
- Robin Humphris

curry was watery and had no taste took 55 mins to be delivered
- Kate Williams

Great Again !
2nd time Ive used this take away now, excellent food !
- Robin Humphris

Very nice
- Robin Humphris

Great Food, Quick Delivery!
Food was very tasty and delivery was within quoted time. Overall, a very good service. Will definitely use again.
- John

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