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219 Lee High Road, Lewisham, SE13 5PQ

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219 Lee High Road,
SE13 5PQ.

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Really Tasty
Great veggie dishes to choose from - all lovely flavours.
- Anita Singh

Lovely food & quick delivery
I really enjoyed the food from Red Chilli & will definitely use again. Dishes were hot, good flavour & value for money. After trying a few different local takeaways I have found one to stick with.
- George Johnston

Arrived on time, food was really nice, I have used the place before, and will keep on using it.
- Kathy Haughey

red chilli takeaway
I have been a regular customer of red chilli takeaway on lee high road, London, for a few months nownI usually have my takeaway delivered, and I order it via curries online website, I have built up quite a few curry points, which gives me a good discount on my food ordersnmy takeaway food is always at a high standard, and I am very happy with the service that I get, I don't have to make phonecalls to order my food, it is high quality, and my curry points means I get a discountnits all good#nhope this review helps
- Cain Greenwood

The food from here is always good but lately it has been extremely oily which can be a bit off putting. I had to pour off about a centimeter from the top of each dish
- Donna Simmons

Great as usual
Another delicious takeaway from Red Chilli
- Donna Simmons

Highly Recommended
Very tasty and good value!
- G

Good quality
Good quality food, efficient & friendly service & very reasonably priced.
- nigel fishman

Delicious food
Delivered 20 mins late but tasty and good quantity
- Rob Pluckrose

Good food, great value
Huge biryani, good flavour
- Rob Pluckrose

One of the best curries ever!
Chicken madras was full of flavour as was the korma. Rice was fantastic. Only negative is the oil that separates from the sauce and sits on top.
- Andrew Lessiter

Food was very nice but the chicken tikka chilli bhuna was too hot for my husband. Quite quick service
- Wendy

Food was very nice but the chicken tikka chilli bhuna was too hot for my husband. Quite quick service
- Wendy

Far too much chilli
Starter was cold and main course, a jalfrezi, with 2 chilli sign, was almost too hot too eat, and I like hot food. nGood quality, just way too hot
- Jason White

Always a high standard of food
We love this take away and they never fail to be excellent.
- Lucy Frame

Delicious reliable curry
I've ordered from red chilli many times but this is the first time I've used the app. As usual a wide choice of dishes and everything I order is as expected as very tasty. The delivery arrived promptly and the food was good value for money. I always order the chicken sag which is delicious.
- Hazel Martin

Food is excellent every time. Sometimes the same dishes all taste slightly different, presumably when theres a different chef on duty, but still always great. Delivery can be a bit slow but good food :-)
- Donna Simmons

Very Nice
Arrived on time. Food was tasty, large portions.
- Angie Woolnough

when will i ever find authentic Indian food in UK !!
Stayed 23 years India and never have i eaten matar paneer full of coconut !! i mean are you serious?? Sorry to say but it tasted horrible !!! Had to throw away the entire thing and i hate wasting food. Oh and the keema naan was equally bad. Please enlighten yourselves with what actually tandoori naan is like. Nothing was good except the chicken (though was too sweet). I miss Za Za bazaar At Bristol.
- Navneet Kaur Brar

poor food, slow service
one of worst curries i had, runny liquid sauces with little flavour, undercooked and fatty chicken in korma, dry and bland nan breads, i had to call to chase delivery which didn't arrive until about 75 minutes after ordered
- Chris Perry

Very tasty
Git a good portion for money paid, hot and tasty
- Emma Strickland

Excellent as ever
- John Walsh

Best takeaway in London
such a treat. this is the best takeaway in London
- andreas mcgrath

I would not recommend Red Chilli to anyone. We have ordered from here a few times. On this occasion they got our order wrong, they wrote on the bag of the vegetable somoas and the permanent ink came through onto the somoas - making the starters uneatable. When we called them to let them know, they were totally uninterested. Saying 'do you want to keep it on this occasion????'....emmmm what keep food that I did not order and I can not eat!!! I expected them to apologize and send the correct order immediately (at the very least) and replace the food that I could not eat!! Very disappointed!! Unfortunately, on every occasion the food has been tasteless and oily. Not to mention in a chicken dish you get about 4 pieces of chicken in a pool of tasteless sauce!! Trust me - you do not want to order your Friday night takeout from here!! Sadly we will not be ordering from here again. They have gotten the order wrong on another occasion but we never complained - as thought it may have been a one off. I never
- Crystal

Bombay Paneer was a disaster
This is certainly not the way Paneer is made . Dal tadka , the Tadka was missing .... I think you all should take some food lessons ... For vegetarian dishes ....
- Arindam Chowdhury

Good delivery, food very tasty but fatty
Good and quick service with friendly staff. Food is very tasty, one of the best out of Indian curries near me, but it is also very oily. Since this is takeaway food, one can expect less than very healthy food, so all in all I would recommend still this place.
- Sebastian Meznaric

Red Chilli (Lee High Road)
Red Chilli is the best Indian takeaway in London
- andreas mcgrath

Disappointed! What's changed?
Huge long-time fan of Red Chilli...but something's changed! Food not the same, mixed starter was awful! Lamb samosa the same...too spicy for a samosa. Packaging changed from foil to plastic...not good for a non microwave user! Delivery time the same ...takes an age. Really disappointing treat ...need to find a new Indian takeaway.
- Pam Howlett

Very good restaurant
The order arrived in time and the food was exactly what I was looking for, and delicious!
- Javier Garzon

Good food
Always use this restaurant, just something to remember if you want it quick use the collection service as delivery tends to be slightly longer than quoted, but that doesn't bother me as I now know to order slightly earlier than I normally do. Can't fault the quality of the food and if asked they will tailor your meal accordingly, ie extra chillies, onions etc
- Mark Lemon

Decent food at a decent price
The food arrived at the approximate time given - 45 minutes. Order was accurate and food was hot. Have ordered several times in the past and food is consistent. It's certainly not the best out there, but food is good enough at the price. Will order again
- Stuart Rankine

Great as usual
We've been customers for quite a while and as usual the takeaway was delicious. We had to wait a little longer than we should but other than that 10 out of 10
- Peter Watson

Tasty, as usual
We've tried a dozen different curry houses and found that Red Chillis is most consistently good.
- Aimi Plant

Consistently good except...
Normally very good curry, always arrives hot. The curry usually takes around an hour for delivery, but this is normal so I take that into account. Unfortunately, last night it was lukewarm. Still great flavour and good value for money.
- John Banks

Best in the area
Good quality Indian takeaway.
- Pam Howlett

great local takeaway
After having tried a few places in the area, we came across red chilli.Great food, would recommend the palak poneer side dish. Great takeaway.
- Claire Loach

One of the better ones
Always great food from Red Chilli, very prompt delivery and always happy to be of service.
- David McCarthy

Not bad for price, but....
Chicken was dry as a bone. Also, they forgot our mango chutney. Very disappointing. Took over an hour to arrive, but we do live far-ish away from the restaurant.Not bad if you're on a budget, but I don't mind paying a lot extra for good service and a quality curry.
- Jonathan Jack

To start it all of we had to wait 1hr30mins we ordered at 19.20 arrived 20.54 no phone call to say it was running late when it did arrive the food was horrible the meat wan inedible and rices was hard and the nan bread burnt i suppose the price does represent the quality you should expect we will not be ordering from here again
- nicholas akehurst

Consistently good
I've using Red Chilli/The Chillies for 4 years now, and food is spot on everytime. They have never let me down. Delivery is always around the hour mark, but I know this so am prepared for the wait.
- John Banks

missing item
i am very disappointed with red chilli or shall it the chillies they are the same owner using two different account but i dont care how they advertise they business. my food was missing
- anna

Good service
Food was eaway for here within 45 minutes and tasted good, have used this takeaway for years.
- Angie Woolnough

Disappointed experience
Placed a order through the webite. I can't believe how they made us wait to 2 hours for our food. We called up the takeaway few times 1st time they said delivery on the way would take 10mins, after 20mins I called again they said driver just leaving with the order. At this point I told them I want to cancel the order but they refused as I already paid and apprently they prepared food, so they gave me anther time they will delivery. finally the food arrive after 2hrs of waiting, Nan bread was rock hard, the curry was cold and taste awful. I never had a problem with any other placese but this is just a nightmare. My personal advise if are ordering from this shop be PREPARED to WAIT 2hrs, I WOULD NEVER RECOMMD THIS PLACE.
- Lisa putinas

wanted to like it but...
I really wanted to like this place. It is local and the food turned up within 40 mins of ordering on saturday night. Service was good and food wasn't expensive but....I read the other reviews first and thought why not. Unfortunately the food was disappointing. The tandoori chicken starter was sad and sinewy, with very little meat. The korhai had more onion than chicken and the chicken tikka chilli bhuna was much hotter than the 2 chilli symbols suggested (it had 12 green chillies in the dish!!) Bombay allo was fine, but its hard to get that wrong lets face it. Wouldn't hurry back. Our search for a local and dependable takeaway with reasonably priced food continues.
- Stuart Reed

The best
We always order from here and so do all our family now, best curry takeaway I ever. Quality food, highly recommend trying
- jennifer akehurst

Great price, quality and service
Best takeaway in area.
- Sarah Branch

food order

- elizabeth grace

top class
Fabulous - I really enjoyed it.
- chris

highly recommended
the food and the service is exceptional cant rate them enough

overall fantastic
In my opinion Red chilli offers the best curry dishes in the area in terms of taste, portions & price
- Judy

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