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1 Bethesda Street,
Merthyr Tydfil,
CF47 8LF.

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Quick Delivery and great food!
We really enjoyed our first takeaway from Red Spice it was delicious!
- Rachel Church

Ordered Bombay Potatoes - Given soggy chips!
Food was OK, not brilliant. Delivery was quick and ordering easy. Sadly let down by sending a bag of soggy fried instead of the Bombay Aloo I had ordered.
- Emma Smith-Jones

Quality meal
Quality takeaway everytime without fail best around
- Amanda Norman

Food was freezing.
- Daniel Jones

Redspice all the way
Fab food everytime
- Amanda Norman

Friday delivery
Mostly alright. Delivery was quick and trouble-free so food was hot when it arrived. Tandoori chicken fine, sheek kebab fine, spinach fine, tarka dhal ditto but the sizzling chicken wasn't very good. It was very sweet and had far too much sauce for what was described as a semi-dry dish.
- Stephen Marks

Another excellent meal from Red Spice. The lamb pathia was on another level!
- Christopher Terrett

Great Food
Ordered a meal on a Friday evening. thought delivery option was good so chose that, placed our order. Website gave a delivery slot that was a bit unrealistic so tried to change it to collection, (This would be a helpful addition to your site). Rang & tried to change it & a very nice man explained they were busy & he would get it out ASAP, sure enough it turned up well early! Delicious & great service will use again!
- Laurence Herbert

Wrong meat
I was given a chicken curry when i ordered lamb.
- Jessica Sullivan

Fabulous food
Fabulous everytime
- Amanda Norman

Fresh n hot as always
- Amanda Norman

Hot & fresh
Without fail still best food
- Amanda Norman

All good stuff
The food was all fine - chicken Madras (possibly a bit sweet though), lamb kebab, tandoori chicken, spinach, naan and tarka dhal. Only complaints are that the food was a bit cold when it arrived even though it came slightly earlier than expected so needed a few minutes in the microwave, and that the salad was warm having been put in a plastic bag next to the warm food.
- Stephen Marks

great food
Orderd our meal on line very easy to use selelcted a time i wanted to pick it up my fiod was ready for me on time very tasty we have used red spice a few times now and had no problems
- Karen Jones

Delicious as always
Never a fail well happy every time
- Amanda Norman

Friendly staff. Not kidding best food I've had in a very long time truely recommended will have to try sit in next time
- andrew thomas

Great food!
My regular Indian restaurant, definitely recommended.
- Brett Williams

Lush n hot
- Amanda Norman

Another great meal!
Amazing food, as always! Best about!
- Christopher Terrett

Hot food
Lovely every time :-)
- Amanda Norman

Vegetarian dishes
My daughter is 100% vegetarian and she had veggie dishes first time & she enjoyed this meal & also my son had a try & even he rates this meal as abs delicious & outstanding
- Amanda Norman

Ordered online for collection. Within 30 mins all ready. Extras thrown in order came to £32. Food great, everything nice and hot and good sized portions.
- David Winter

Hot everytime
Chicken chat starter is highly recommended
- Amanda Norman

Satisfied everytime
Never once let me down fully fresh hot and delivered on time if not always little earlier so I can't complain
- Amanda Norman

Over an hour late
Rang the Indian when the food was 50mins late and was told it was out for delivery and only two minutes away. Rang back 15 minutes later to be told that the food hadn't left yet and the manager was going to personally deliver my food when he got off the phone to me. I live about 6-7 minutes away. 15-20 minutes later my food turned up with a delivery driver and not the manager. Absolutely disgraceful service after spending £40 on food and lying to a customer is a big no no in my eyes
- Liam Butler

Avoid at all costs
Food was terrible So much oil I could have done an oil change on my car Over 2 hours for delivery Told us that one of our deliveries had been picked up in store and then stopped answering the phone, so we didn't receive two persons entire order.
- Dean Van Gramberg

Didn't even taste it !!!!
After waiting 2 hours for delivery and still no sign of food we rang up to see where it was only to be told it was on its way, 20 mins later and still nothing so rang the restaurant again to be told it was 5 minutes away, with them not realizing that I had over heard them saying it was just going out for delivery and it would be about 20 mins !!!Shocking we waiting over 2 hours and 45 mins to being lied to and then realizing our food was still in their kitchen,When we told them we don't want it as it was now 10pm they told us because we paid by card online they could not refund us our money because they did not have the facility's !!!The place is an utter joke and won't be ordering again.
- Nick Segerson

Ordered 2 x Madras but when got home had 2 x tikka. The time it would have taken me to get back to change it would have meant food going cold. It was not the warmest the 1st time.
- Gavin Patterson

Me and my wife are vegetarians and its hard to find places with so much nice food 10/10
- Pat Terrett

Delicious every time
- Amanda Norman

Excellent & delicious food
- Amanda Norman

Fab food
Fab food hot and fresh
- Amanda Norman

Disappointing, again.
I don't understand how you can constantly miss things off an order, not just one item but several. Honestly, terrible service, takes ages to arrive, you don't get what you ordered. This place has really gone downhill in the last couple of months. Absolutely awful.
- Laura Regan

Great Meal
The meal was delivered on time. Nice and hot. One downside is you did not mark the cartons and it was difficult to work out what curry was who as they were all similar.
- Susan House

Murgh e bahar
Really lovely food just needed abit more chicken
- Ricky Gillespie

Another great meal!
This place keeps delivering! Better with every meal!
- Christopher Terrett

Naan bread. No salad or special dip no mint sauce
No meat in keema naan bread just colour of red dye. No tub of mint sauce or the tub of salad. Also Madras sauce filled half way up the container. No special dip with my nawbii rolls Come on red spice no excuses I ordered from you 3 times in last week and half. You have no excuse. You finally now getting the chips right and warm on time. I wouldn't have had to write all this if you paid a bit more care to you services. Last chance tonight if its messed up il publish this on Facebook too. Won't use you again if order not right. Hope I enjoy thank you
- Kirsty Hewitt

Red spice
Yet another delicious meal from red spice Delivery was in time Really enjoyed
- Tania Roberts

Fab food and fresh
Really enjoyed this takeaway and arrived before estimated time really pleased will be ordering again :)
- Amanda Norman

Always a treat
Excellent food and promptly delivered. We enjoy Red Spice and find the quality of delivery is just as good as their dine-in experiences.
- Donna Fyler

Very Late Delivery and missing part of the order ??
Ordered the Food on a Saturday Night at about 8:00pm, advised that the food would arrive at about 9:00pm, but very disappointingly didn't arrive until 10:25pm, and after all that two parts of the order were missing? Very disappointing and frustrating.
- Denzil Fitzgerald

Shocking service
Ordered at 7.30pm had email saying be ready for 8.30 I phoned twice and the man on the phone said it's left the restaurant should be with you now didn't turn up till 9.40 was terrible never again
- Mathew Murphy

Very good service polite
Food was fine I would say it was my second favourite Indian restaurant..First in merthyr Tydfil.
- Darran Sherwood

Gone downhill
We usually order from here at least once a month and it's always amazing. This time our food turned up an hour late, we had to ring to be told it was on its way right then but still took 25 minutes to arrive when I live a 5 minute drive away. We were missing an item of food and almost everything we ordered was overdone and/or greasy. Really disappointing!
- Laura Regan

indian takeaway
lovely food delivered quickly fresh and piping hot highly recommend
- Craig Saunders

Red spice
Really enjoyed again
- Tania Roberts

Got order wrong
Ordered two different naan breads and they sent us two of the same.
- Kirsty Hewitt

Late and wrong items
Some food was cold, 45 mins late, wrong items, and missing items. Says it all really! When the driver turned up she asked have you been waiting long I relived yes she then said they have only just gave it to us and they are not even busy. The food that we did have was fairly tasty.
- Ceri Dawe

Stunning food!!! A****
- Abbie Phillips

Great food
First time for us to have a takeaway from red spice loved it and will definitely eat from here best Indian we've had
- Tania Roberts

As always fantastic
Excellent as awlays
- Leanne Thomas

Great food! Always get the order right too :)
- Leanne Martin

Worst chips ever should be embarrassed to present them has a supposedly top restaurant? Rice was plain would get better 2minute microwave versions from the supermarket & it's completely over priced menu!!! Won't order again
- Craig Davies

Good one, Red Spice
No complaint with food or service. Better than last time I had a delivery. The meals then were too sweet rather than savoury. Still a bit sweet this time but miles better.
- Stephen Marks

Food excellent, delivery was to the time they gave would highly recomend
- Carole Coleman

Great food!
Always great food and service at Red Spice!
- Paul Stepczak

Rang to add to order but ignored
Rang to add some food to the order and told no problem, extras didn't arrive, rang back, passed to different people without explanation and told no the order already left " which was 30 mins earlier than told on website"
- David James-Martin

Excellent service, great food
I've ordered from red spice a few times now, always excellent service and the food is delicious, my favourite takeaway.
- Beverly Jones

Pat Ia
Order arrived in good time and food was delicious
- Nigel Jones

2 dishes same taste!
Purchased 2 seperate dishes, however both the same taste with one being just a bit sweeter. One meal was clearly the combination of two curries as they hadn't even stirred the two diiferent colour sauces in. Also, booked time slot of 7.45 and it came at 6.45. Better than being late i suppose but might not have been in. Sorry wont be eating here again!
- serena williams

Another great meal!
We keep going back and will continue to do so, as the food is lovely!
- Christopher Terrett

Good Service, Great Food
Enjoyed the food, delivered on time.
- Philip Packer

Great Food & Service
Ordered on a Friday night at 8:15pm, delivered at 9pm. Food was top class.
- Richard Lewis

Our favorite in Merthyr
Having been devoted to another local Indian for a long time, we were really thrilled to be so impressed with this lovely place. We've eaten in the restaurant and found it clean, the service attentive, and the food lovely straight from the kitchen.Delivery service is a great feature and there is no drop in quality between inhouse or posh takeaway. Food portion was generous, fresh cooked, promptly delivered and excellent value for money. Highly recommended!
- Donna Fyler

3hrs for delivery
You cannot complain about the food at the Red spice it is delicious and the best in the area, however last night I ordered at 8 pm to be advised it would be delivered at 9pm. That's fine it was a Friday night. 9pm came and went I rang at 9.25pm to be told about 15/20mins. This was then 40 mins I called again to be told it was with the driver finally at 10:45pm our food arrived. The driver advised he was the owner and they were short this evening that's why he was driving, he did offer my next order at half price but to be honest I couldn't wait another 3 hours for food. Terrible service and the fact I was clearly lied to about where my order was means I will never order from here again.
- richard jones

Food was lovely and really quick delivery
- Joanne Hope

Second time to order and was not disappointed
- Leanne Thomas

Nice food
Lovely food and service. Not good value for money considering local opposition.
- Clive Rees

Ordering on line was very easy chose what time i wanted to pick it up my food was ready on time but when i got home they had forgoten to put nan bread in but apart from that no complaints the food was hot and very tasty will def order again
- Karen Jones

terrible service
ordered at 19:30 after ringing several times being told that the order had left the restaurant our delivery turned up at 22:30, food was cold and missing part of the order. when trying to call the restaurant there nobody would answer the phone. Ended up having to bring the order back to the restaurant, and was offered to have the food WARMED up. Paying quite a fair whack for the food when we complained about the service and that we would like a fresh order cooked we were offered our money back and that nothing could be done to compensate us and we would need to come back the following night to speak to the restaurant owner. quite safe to say I would never order from this place again, as I gather this is a common problem with the restaurant as the delivery man was very stressed apologising and said that red spice did this all of the time.
- Eirlys Allman

Saturday night in
Great service food fantastic one of the best Indians in town
- Karen Crandon

Fantastic food
Love Red Spice. Lovely food and delivery was before the time given on order, fab
- Estelle Ebbatson

Nice but average
Tandoori chicken a bit dry, aloo gobi a bit moist, chicken with yoghurt and cream good, mushrooms fine, chicken with jalapino chillies and onion alright and delivery fine. All told about 6.5 out of 10.
- Stephen Marks

Lovely food
Was kept up to date with order. Will definitely be ordering again.
- Estelle Ebbatson

Another great meal!
Another great meal from The Red Spice. The restaurant was really busy, so that goes to show how popular the place is. Thumbs up!
- Christopher Terrett

Food Order 20/01/2017
Ordered 2 main dishes, King Prawn Korma which was very nice. The other dish was Chicken Balti, this lacked Taste and Spice, don't think it should have tasted like that, it was disappointing?
- Denzil Fitzgerald

Food was one hour late. Horrible. Waste of money.
- Kirsty Hewitt

enjoyed before just ordered again. hope as before
best keema naan ever
- Mark Richards

Really enjoyed the food!
- Christopher Terrett

Great curry
A really good curry. Great, well rounded flavour and a decent portion size. Naan from the red spice are also very tasty
- Jemma Richards

Awful service
Ordered food that arrived an hour late than the time slot given. No communication from the restaurant as to where it was until we phoned. And when we asked for a discount to compensate for the late delivery we were offered £40 charge down from £46. Awful boys. Sort it out.
- Sean Mahoney

great food
best Indian takeaway in Merthyr food is really good
- richard jones

Long waiting time for food
The food was lovely as always but I was very disappointed with the time I had to wait for the food to be delivered. I ordered the food at 19:30 and it was not delivered until 21:45.
- Jessica Summers

Poor service
Completed the apecial request box to state to onion as I'm came laced with onions so couldn't eat it. Part of my order wasn't included had to phone and get them delivered which took further 15 minutes. Won't use again.
- Helen Davies

First class food
Starter and main lovely, delivered right on time
- Steve Davies

Great food , great service as always
Food from Red Spice is always first class , on time and the service is fantastic. Highly recommended!
- Christopher Bow

Always excellent food and service
I order from red spice merthyr anytime I fancy a curry as I've always had really good good and delivery speed is always spot on too.
- claire sorsby

Good food
Easy to order and immediate confirmation of delivery timeTasty food and everything really well delivered
- John Evans

Very good Indian food
Red Spice offers very tasty Indian food, amongst the best in the area. They offer the usual British Indian options and some special meals which are a bit more expensive but very good. I'd like to see them offering more variety in their specials as I think they'd be good at it e.g. south Indian/Keralan dishes. For takeaway delivery they can exceed their stated time on occasions.
- Vincent Owens

Kukd told them the wrong time of collection.
Food was mostly Luke warm as they were told wrong pick up time. The korma was bland but otherwise very nice.
- David James-Martin

good food,good service
First time we have ordered a takeaway online and I am very impressed with speed of delivery and the meal itself. Very nice meal and good value for money, will definitely use again.
- Nick Hennessy

Delivered when we were advised and food was excellent.
- John Kiernan

Always lovely
Always lovely
- Kirsty Hewitt

Always good food
If ever I have a curry to takeaway or even to go out to the restaurant it's always spot on, never had a bad dish
- claire sorsby

Always good food
If ever I have a curry to takeaway or even to go out to the restaurant it's always spot on, never had a bad dish
- claire sorsby

Always good food
If ever I have a curry to takeaway or even to go out to the restaurant it's always spot on, never had a bad dish
- claire sorsby

Always good food
If ever I have a curry to takeaway or even to go out to the restaurant it's always spot on, never had a bad dish
- claire sorsby

Always good food
If ever I have a curry to takeaway or even to go out to the restaurant it's always spot on, never had a bad dish
- claire sorsby

Always good food
If ever I have a curry to takeaway or even to go out to the restaurant it's always spot on, never had a bad dish
- claire sorsby

Saturday night in
Great service all done on line so straight forward can also pick a time slot brilliant &I always on time food fab but could be kept warmer
- Karen Crandon

Saturday night in
Great service all done on line so straight forward can also pick a time slot brilliant &I always on time food fab but could be kept warmer
- Karen Crandon

Lovely food
Great food, really enjoyed
- Kirsty Hewitt

Have eaten here before, but this was my first take away. Service and food was excellent as always.
- Katherine Beynon

A refreshing change!
I'd not had Red Spice before and here are some notable differences between our usual takeaways and them. What a lovely change to receive my delivery a good half an hour before estimated, usually around here it's always at least an hour late. Indian gentleman delivered the food, was dressed smartly in a shirt and tie, was very polite and friendly. Also, no bag full of curry oil with the cartons covered as its leaked everywhere, proper hard plastic leak proof tubs so I was impressed before we even got to the food! What can i say, the tastiest, freshest, well presented Indian takeaway I've had in a very long time, most probably ever. We had 4 curries, saag aloo, bhajis, rices, chips, naans, chutney tray with poppadoms, all delicious. If I'm being picky, two of the poppadoms were a bit undercooked so still had that transparent looking bit in the middle and the chips are the usual twigs you get with majority of takeaways (only ordered for the kids and they're not chip connoisseurs so it's fine!) For me, the best I
- Laura Murphy

Quick, tasty and satisfying.
Great selection of food at reasonable prices. Staff were very friendly and the food was prepared quickly. Would definitely order from them again.
- Niall Rauwerda

Great as usual
Fab food fab service
- Elis Jones

Lovely takeaway
arrived within the time slot stated, very nice food, pleased with our meal, will be ordering from here again.
- Marcelle Davies

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