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15 Norwood Road, Herne Hill, SE24 9AA

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15 Norwood Road,
Herne Hill,
SE24 9AA.

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Good but not great
Enjoyed it, but not as good as our previous local.
- Jemima Hartshorn

Great local curry in Herne Hill
Reliiable service with a smile delivered faster than estimated. Food is old school and delicious. Easy ordering on line.
- Susan Collins

Great food
Quality curries and Indian dishes. Good turnaround from order to delivery. Recommended.
- John Doleman

Over the years,since they opened, I have ordered food from Chutney,usually satisfactorily Yesterday's delivery was way below par. The Biryani was inedible !. The chicken was hard and overcooked and it will be going out for the urban fox, - I hope that he enjoys it ! Shan't be ordering from Chutney again.
- John Burgess

An hour late
The food arrived an hour later than the predicted time
- Charles Potter

Always quick and reliable
Love the sag paneer and massive onion bhajis!
- Christina Dixon

Good quality food
We were very happy with the food and service, best onion bahjias from a takeaway ever, and all very tasty food. Just a shame there was a 50p card charge, which wasn't highlighted until the payment was taken.
- Alexandra Webster

Great food
Really enjoyed everything . Will definitely be back
- Frances Mcgonigle

Great tastes
The onion bhaji was a bit too big for me, I would suggest they make them slightly smaller. The flavors were lovely in the veg curry. Hot and spicey.Great service as always. The best curry I like is the prawn with pumpkin. That is very nice.
- Shellon Bing

Good curry
Hi,All was good and tasty but a few items were missing. Stuffed naan, plain rice and a second paratha...Thanks,Liz
- Elizabeth Robert

Good food - great price!
Excellent sag aloo (as always) also very good brinjal bhajee. Brilliant value for money. Recommended!
- Thomas Leigh

Good food - the Sag Aloo is brilliant - and very reasonably priced. Recommended.
- Thomas Leigh

Nice food
The food arrived quickly and was still hot! Very tasty and affordable, I would order from here again!
- Lade Ajose

was quick and tasty
- Marcella Coombs

All good!
Picked this place for its veggie options, far more variety in terms of side orders than other places. Was probably slightly cheaper than elsewhere, and arrived 15mins earlier than the stated time despite it being a Saturday night. Will be our t/a choice from now on.
- Marc Haxell

good value for money
arrived very quickly and tasted great.
- Maxine Lincoln

Good food, reasonable price
I've never ordered through here before, and it was a surprisingly easy and efficient way of getting my Saturday night curry. The food was good and delivered promptly. Would definitely use again.
- Karina Jaya-Ratnam

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