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Great food and service.
The food arrived on time and the service wa excellent and personalised.
- Leah Bernard

Always great food, best Indian in town
- Claire Ryan

Always good
Best Indian in area
- Anthony Prince

Very Good
On time, really hot, really nice and lots of it plus a free large Cobra all very good.
- Jon woodward

I highly recommend the chicken 65, its become my favourite
- jason londono

Excellent (as usual)
Top quality food.
- Andrew Raca

Gorgeous meals
I ordered the chicken Jhal with coriander rice, Bombay potato and poppadum's, with sundries.It was absolutely gorgeous. Their quality, service and hospitality hasn't faltered in many years, whether dining in the restaurant or home delivery.Thank you.
- Paul Whelan

Great food
Food was great as always. However I asked for a specific time slot and the food came early as an asap order. Was fine as I was home anyways, but would like to rely on it. Thanks!
- Svenja Ehinger

Good Food
Food is always good and complimentary Cobra is always a winner. A text apologising for a 15 minute delay seems to be guaranteed with every order.
- Tracie

1 hour 50 minutes!
Curries online originally quoted 40 minutes. Then another 15 and another 15! Ordered at 8:30 ant the food arrives 20 past 10. That's totally unacceptable.
- Nigel

Good food
Food was good and delivery was prompt and with a smile.
- Emily Davies

Very Average -Rubbish t/a service
We've used this place several times in the past - its take aways have never been great but they're now rubbish. The food was not good. We waited over an hour after placing the order, and the free bottle of Cobra for orders over £20 was forgotten. Altogether very average experience which we won't be repeating. Provides better food for its customers in the restaurant but we won't be using them again. Try elsewhere.
- S

Fantastic, my friends were very impressed
After a day at the cricket, a curry was needed. I have been before, but my three curry fanatic friends have not. They were all really impressed with the extremely tasty food and the excellent friendly service. We will definitely have this as a regular stop when we come to sporting events in London.
- Mark

Mainly dry food with a couple of wet dishes made for a perfect late supper
- thomas woodham-smith

I'm getting it again!
Best curry I've had in London.nWe are eating left overs day two...nAnd my plans sat night are for friends over - and ordering more curry.
- C

Fantastic food
As always,very good food.
- Paul Butterworth

Great curry!
Food was delicious, have been searching for a good Indian restaurant in the area for some time. Excellent food, service and packaging. Will be ordering again, thank you.
- Helen

Always great.
Ordered Chicken Tikka, Dabsak and Tandori Chicken with breads. Very tasty food.
- Paul Butterworth

Good food but slow delivery
If I knew that delivery would take nearly 90 minutes I would have walked there and ordered in person.nFood was good quality, much better than other local Indian takeaways.
- Patrick

Haven't had for long time.
Lovely takeaway much missed.
- Paul Butterworth

Never Fails
The deserve to still be doing good business. The foods great and the service just as good.
- S

Brilliant, It's Always Brilliant
Great food as ever
- Oliver Griffin

Very nice
Been a while since we ordered here but thus was a nice surprise food was lovely very authentic
- taneesha dixon

Not very good
Took over 1½hrs to arrive, the poppadums were dust, and the curries were rather bland. Nowhere near as good as they have been previously. Won't bother ordering from here again.
- Sam Walker

Took two hours to deliver
I love eating at the Coriander as the food is really good. But got takeaway for the first time and after ordering got an email saying it would be half an hour late as they were busy. Ended up being over an hour after the original delivery time with no apology or anything. Whenever I called they said it was on its way (I live about 5 mins away).
- Matthew Wildman

Superb curry and great value
This is the second time I have ordered from here in as many weeks. Have ordered different dishes each time and all have been fantastic! Highly recommend! Portions are large too which has been great for me entertaining large groups. nSo glad this place is on my doorstep!
- Anna Lundy

Good , quick,,
A nice meal
- Mark Sedman

terrible service
food was good but arrived over two hours after we ordered - despite ticking the 'asap' box. When I rang the restaurant to complain I was told we could have a free meal to compensate but given no way of claiming that. Won't use again.
- Lynda

Wrong order
The food and service were good. But I got the completely! 100% wrong order. More like a lucky dip than an order.
- thomas woodham-smith

As always,best in London in my opinion .
- Paul Butterworth

Superb take away curry
These guys are good. Lamb chop starters are just the biz. Same price as others but way better.
- Mike Fredriksen

First one this year.
The wait was well worth it.Plus first free beer since last year.
- Paul Butterworth

Excellent and yummy food!
Great value and delicious. Delivery extra fast. Best curry in the area!
- Rebecca Goodwin

This was my first order and it was excellent. I will definitely order from here again.
- David Lai

Must try
always my favourite
- Marcia Ramoutar

Friendly Staff,great service and great food.
- Paul Butterworth

If you haven't tried this fantastic gem, put it on your places to visit in the New Year.
- Paul Butterworth

Great as always !
- Marcia Ramoutar

Great food but delivery was 45 minutes late
I absolutely love the food at this place, its delicious and usually I can get at least 3 meals out of it. It would have been five out of five stars except that they delivered the order late. I was told the order would arrive at 6:15 (with small print that it may be late). Called at 6:30, and they said the driver was stuck in traffic. Call back ten minutes later when there is still no food and it turns out the delivery driver had not actually left. Totally understand that it isn't easy to get the orders out, but sitting there very hungry and expecting food to come on time was not pleasant. Hopefully this was a one time delivery experience, because there food is really amazing!
- Laura Halperin

The Best.
Getting very busy now the word has got around how good this Indian restaurant is.
- Paul Butterworth

Always recommended
Our go to place !!
- Marcia Ramoutar

Just great
If you eat in or order a takeaway you will get top notch Indian Food everytime.
- Paul Butterworth

Never fails to impress
We either get takeaways or eat iin. Always fantastic food, fantastic service and great atmosphere. We love The Coriander.
- M

Gorgeous food
Delivers on quality and freshness every time.
- Paul Butterworth

Brilliant as usual
Excellent food and value. Order arrived a bit late but might have been a super busy night and they apologised on arrival so all good :)
- Natalie Flintoff

Old faithful
Great as always
- Marcia Ramoutar

Great food
Don't know where Chicken65 gets its name from but it's delicious.
- Paul Butterworth

Fab food
The actually read the comments and did not put fresh Corriander in any dish! Brilliant!
- John Fletcher

Fantastic food
As always,never disappoints.
- Paul Butterworth

My new local!
Delicious tasty food and great prices.
- Rebecca Goodwin

Perfect food
All our favourites delivered just when we want them.
- Paul Butterworth

Great food delivered on time
Love the food from The Coriander. A shame a few of the specials are not available for delivery but that's all the more reason to go there again soon. Food delivered bang on time.
- Paul Hogarth

Great food slow delivery
Amazing food but always late.
- Tom Pain

Very good food but late delivery
The food is always delicious with fresh flavours and lean meat but it arrived 20 minutes late
- Thomas Joseph

The Coriander
Great food,lovely staff,the best.
- Paul Butterworth

Its Friday !
Had our usual delicious order delivered by Mohammed who bought some extra chocolate treats for us,what a gent.
- Paul Butterworth

Decided on a midweek takeaway as the cricket was on. 10/10
- Paul Butterworth

Great Curry
Always enjoy my meal from the Coriander, favourite restaurant in our area. Love the chilli paneer masala.
- Ruth McFerran

Consistently excellent.
As always,never had a bad experience with takeaway or when visiting this excellent restaurant.
- Paul Butterworth

Worth the wait as always
Food is among the absolute best in London, especially for vegetarians
- Deane

Great food - long wait
There's no denying the food at the Coriander is great just really disappointed we had to wait 2hrs 20 mins to have it delivered
- Chris Deakin

Old faithful
always good,friendly delivery service
- Marcia Ramoutar

Terrific Food.
Top notch quality as always.
- Paul Butterworth

Excellent food
Delicious seriously cooked food promply prepared and ready for collection at the appointed time. Definitely now on my regular take away list.
- Bernard O\'Sullivan

Thursday treat.
Came home from work too hot to cook so went for my Friday treat a day early .Lovely food as always and a special bonus is that it Friday!
- Paul Butterworth

The Jhal never disappoints (though it's only for hardcore spice addicts!)
- Paul Markham

Always great food
- Marcia Ramoutar

Great food but not always in a timely manner
This place is a hidden Gem. The food is of high quality. When you order a collection on curries online the food comes in good time but the delivery seems to take slightly longer than the allocated time, and they are just around the corner. I would definitely recommend them and in particular The House Special. Friendly and accommodating staff too!
- Edmund Rudder

Well it's Friday
Lovely take away delivered by Mohammed.A great guy who always asks how we are.
- Paul Butterworth

Great Food, Great Service
I have been a regular at The Coriander in Vauxhall since the day they opened and have always enjoyed the food and the service.
- Trevor Quick

Great Food, Great Service
I have been a regular at The Coriander in Vauxhall since the day they opened and have always enjoyed the food and the service.
- Trevor Quick

Takeaway Delivered
Fantastic as always.
- Paul Butterworth

The best.
Brought my favourite order with free bear,nothing better.
- Paul Butterworth

Strongly recommended
Deep flavours and very good ingerdients admirably cooked.
- Bernard

Monday night takeaway
Ordered Coriander.for delivery on Monday,delicious,the only thing better than a Friday night takeaway is a Monday night treat.
- Paul Butterworth

Great Again From Coriander As Always
Fantastic meal
- Oliver Griffin

Fabulous quality and quick turnaround time--highly recommend
Don't think twice about The Coriander--they make fabulous curries and excellent service
- Douglas

Takeaway heaven
Came in late last night,phoned the Coriander who delivered my favourite order.
- Paul Butterworth

Very good food
I read poor reviews about late deliveries but decided to take a chance and was very impressed. I think it helps to order before 8pm.
- Tracie Tull-Peirce

Excellent food & service
I ordered online and the food arrived on time, hot and tastes amazing.
- Kamar

It's too nice
Love the food at the Coriander so much I have to restrict myself to just once a week.
- Paul Butterworth

Coriander Vauxhall
Had friends round and they loved it as much as we do.
- Paul Butterworth

Saturday takeaway
Curries online is great as you don't have to go through the phone ritual of repeating everything 3 times.
- Paul Butterworth

Late Arrival
Ordered at 5pm. nnAllocated 6.15pm for delivery time on websitennFood arrived at 7.30pmnnNo a good first impression
- Paul Riches

Great meal
The wait for the food was just a little longer than advertised but it was worth the wait! We had a chicken balti, saag dal and vegetable curry. All were full of flavour and not too oily. The peshwari naan was really delicious too. Our best local Indian restaurant.
- Ruth McFerran

Excellent, full of flavour
It was a busy night and the wait was longer than advertised but they called in good time to warn me, and the food was well worth it. Delicious flavour, particularly the paneer and the naga curry. Will be ordering again.
- Jack Gillett

Good food
Good food as always but a little bit late this time.
- Marcia Ramoutar

Spot On
Exactly on time, generous portions and well cooked, without excessive oil. Interesting menu choices, too!
- Justin

Order mixed up
Was given the incorrect order (chicken instead of lamb korma) but it was still delicious. I thought £2.50 was a bit expensive for the naan bread as well. Excellent service though, would still probably order from here again.
- Gabrielle

Good value and Tasty
Tasty, quick delivery and no excessive fat.
- Michael

London's best!
We have been customers of The Corriander for years. There is real flavour intensity to the dishes, that we've never found another delivery service can match.
- S

Great food but delivery bungled
We order from The Coriander quite often, at least once a month or so, and also eat in from time to time, and the service is normally excellent. However, on this occasion the delivery driver gave us someone else's order, and when we finally got it swapped for ours it was lukewarm and one of the curries was leaking in the bottom of the bag.nThe delivery man did apologise and clearly had made a simple mistake, but given the high standards we've become used to expecting from The Coriander, this was a bit of a let down.
- Paul Markham

- Anne Lawrence

Good fish
Lovely baked sea bass, bengal fish curry was excellent too. We had a lentil and spinach dish and an aubergine dish. The only things that let it down slightly were the sundries. The tandoori roti was too chewy and didn't taste fresh. The poppadoms (which were, admittedly, free) had a strange after taste and were a bit limp. The chapati was excellent, however. Would be nice to see brown rice on the menu. Meal was 15 minutes late (maybe because our flat is difficult to find) but delivered with a smile.
- Thomas Miller

Brilliant As Ever
Great consistently good quality food again from coriander 5 stars
- Oliver Griffin

Great curry
Really good curry from the coriander. We even asked for extra coriander (my fiancée loves it) and they happily gave us extra. Would definitely go back again and maybe even dine in next time :)
- Mark Brady

Excellent Food and Service
The best Indian food in the area
- Cesar Pino

Always great food from Coriander
- simon randerson

My favourite Indian Restaurant
Delicious takeaway delivered.I could easily have this 7nights a week.
- Paul Butterworth

Good food. Touch late on delivery.
Good food at a perfectly reasonable price for a meal for one. Peshwari naan bread was absolutely fantastic as were the meat samosas and onion bhajis. Main meal was a touch overweight onions but perfectly palatable.
- Simon Wilson

Friday treat
Had my usual order delivered promptly with a couple of complimentary items included.Good times.
- Paul Butterworth

very tasty
Most enjoyable
- David Smith

The Coriander Is Always Great
Great as always, Paneer Shashlik is wonderful and the spinach and lentil call amazing too, Best curry in vauxhall
- Oliver Griffin

delicious foos
nicely cooked and friendly service
- Sara Oschlies

Amazing As Always
Great Food Great Service
- Oliver Griffin

World Cup
What can be better than watching the football with my favourite Coriander takeaway and a free Cobra beer.
- Paul Butterworth

Fresh & Tasty
always fresh and tasty and with offers which bag you a free beer whose to say anything bad!
- Gareth Llewellyn

Corriander - nice food but a bit late
The food was really excellent, arrived hot and was very tasty. However it was about 30 minutes later than predicted. This wouldn't have bothered me If i had been told it was going to take 1 hour 15 mins instead of 45 mins. I don't mind waiting for good food if i know how long its going to be. Will still be ordering from them again.
- Natalie Flintoff

Very tasty, albeit tardy delivery, but they made up for it with a free beer. This more than made up for the extra half hour.
- Gareth Llewellyn

Always Excellent
I have been going to the Coriander at Vauxhall since it opened and the standard has not fallen whether you eat in or order takeaway.
- Paul Butterworth

The best
We tried Coriander after having tried some disappointing, greasy, oily efforts near where we live. Wow... i wish we'd found you earlier! By far the best quality and tasting food in Vauxhall / Lambeth North! All the taste you could want without everything swimming in oil.nI can very highly recommend!
- Robert Clayton

as good as always
our favourite clean and yummy curries and friendly delivery guy.
- Ay Matthews

Outstanding food
It's always amazing! Even takeaway! Can't wait for next time.
- ben

Great food!
Definitely go back again.
- Sara Kuwahara

Curry at its best!
Great food, great service!
- Sara Oschlies

Great Food!
Delicious food, arrived on time. Perfect!
- Rosie Rayner

Takeaway delivered quickly and was really tasty!
Really enjoyed the take away! Got what we ordered...with some extras. Will deffinately order from here again.
- Sarah

Delicious, ordered online and came on time, really easy.
- Hannah

Excellent curry!
Great food and quick delivery
- trevor grant

Great food, slow delivery
The food was great, but the order took about 90 minutes to arrive.
- Jody Little

great food as always
Not ordered Indian from anywhere else since we discovered the coriander a couple of years ago
- Alex Chitty

Nice food but order wrong and no change
Delivery was on time and food was nice (although curry a bit greasy). However our order contained no mango chutney even though we ordered it, and the driver said that he had no change and so we paid more than we should have, which I am very disappointed with.
- Jonathan

Curry at its best!
Great food, excellent service, thank you!
- Sara Oschlies

Excellent fresh curry
Really delicious curry, very fresh.
- K Price

Tasty curry!
i have used this curry restaurant for a while and i love it, ordered online and it was delivered within 40 minutes!! Great service!
- Mark James

Understand it was Saturday night
Food was cold on delivery and they missed an order. The missing order was replaced quickly.
- Christopher Thomas

Good curry and good value
Really tasty, excellent quality and good amount provided
- Kate Nattrass

Great takeaway
Great service, really tasty food and a discount on collection. All great in my book!
- Joseph Humphreys

Really good curry
I am always sceptical of ordering Indian takeaway but this was genuinely good
- Harriet

Good veggie dishes
A little late again but always great food amd friendly delivery man.
- Ay Matthews

Never fails to deliver!
At the Coriander, the curries are consistently fantastic. You can't go wrong.
- Paul Markham

very good
very good food and not expansive, I recommend this restaurant
- Alice

The Coriander
Amazing food. Best in South London
- Arianne

Great food
As good as always.
- Ay Matthews

Coriander Vauxhall
Good food, good service - reccommended
- Mike Chivers

Delicious, as usual
Vey tasty food. Arrived quickly. would highly recommend, the best Indian takeaway i have had so far.
- Zenta Griffin

Good veggie curries/side dishes as main
Always enjoy having veggie side dishes as main from here . Delivery was a bit late again though.
- Ay Matthews

Good veggie dishes
Love the veggie dishes here. Very lovely delivery man, always smiles and being polite, even when he had to come in pouring down rain!
- Ay Matthews

Great curry
Bloody lovely and big portions. Good value, too.
- Rosanna Nichols

Fantastic Meal - as always
We use the Coriander regularly for takeaway and occasionally eat in. The staff are so friendly and efficient, it keeps us coming back. We love the Haandi Lazeez in particular but all the dishes are great.
- Julie Hayward

speedy delivery
Came in under delivery time, very decent food as ever - wish the Coriander website would say what head the curries are, though, wasn't a huge problem but ordered a very hot curry without realising it until it arrived!
- Andrzej Lukowski

Great Meal As Ever
Top Quality Food My Favourite In Vauxhall
- Oliver Griffin

An enjoyable experience
The food was high quality, delivered on time and hot. I would definitely recommend this. It's so easy to order on line and then sit back, relax and wait for your meal.
- Stefano Valentino

First curry online
Food and Service great. Meat was lovely although could be slightly bigger portion of meat
- Ian Higgins

What a relief!
Great to find a local curry house with quality food!
- Kate Norton

Amazing n traditional!
Always enjoy your food! Many thanks!
- Andrea Nagy

Nice food
- Tetiana Gick-Danylchenko

Delicious food
I was very satisfied with my food and they threw in some free popadoms and salad, which was a nice touch.The meal was quite expensive for the quantity of food, but the quality is very good.I would definitely go back again.
- Alicia Green

great food but late delivery
We have always ordered from here and always enjoyed the food and good friendly delivery service. A slight disappointment this time was that they arrived half and hour later than the expected a total wait of over an hour!...and the food was not warm.:(
- Ay Matthews

Very Good Meal
Thanks guys great as always
- Oliver Griffin

Great Curry, Delivery always on time
Great choice of curry and always to a good standard. Good value for money and delivery is always spot on. Nice place to visit to eat as well. My local, would never go anywhere else!
- Helen Southgate

Our favourite
We have been ordering from The Coriader for years now and always loved it, especially the side dishes that we tend to order as main (vegetarain).
- Ay Matthews

Lamb rogan josh and chicken korma were good. Unfortunately the person who ate the chicken tikka masala had an upset stomach.
- amanda ball

Great Food
This my second time ordering. Very nice

great food, great service!
Very good, as always from The Coriander.
- Jenny Kowalczyk

Great Curries from a great resturant
Curries are always fresh and full of flavour. Our favorite curry house in our area.
- Chris Deakin

Good For Veggies!
With a mixture of devoted meat-eaters and dedicated vegetarians to feed I find the Coriander ideal. There's plenty of variety on the menu and the quality is excellent. My only problem is stopping the meat-eaters from eating everthing in sight!
- Marguerite Mclaughlin


as good as always
We have ordered from the The Coriander many times in the past and have never been disappointed with the quality of the food and the friendliness of the delivery staff. Ording online has now given us the choice to pay by card which is very convenient. We also got 15% for our 1st online order.
- Ay Matthews

Tasty but cold
Very tasty food from Corriander, which arrived spot on the requested time. The only fault was that the food was not warm enough.
- Nicola Berry

Great food, great service
Very enjoyable - prompt, tasty and good value!
- Jenny Kowalczyk

No cutlery
I was staying in a hotel and they didn't send cutlery nor plates.
- Michael Blanchard

Excellent take away - again
We've had a few takeaways now from Coriander, and each time the quality has been excellent. Good food, large portions and generally reasonable delivery times. This time was incredibly quick!
- Martin Oborne

Very good
Will definitely order again!
- Michael Sunda

Highly recommended
We had a delivery from the Vauxhall branch on Friday night, and were very impressed. The food arrived on time and was excellent. Lots of new, fresh flavours. I'll use them again.
- Francis

Great Food, Great Service!
Enjoyed my first of many lunches to be.. a deffo must try!
- Darren McArthur

Good quality
Food was very nice, arrived hot. Few extras in the bag as well which is a nice touch.
- Gary Boone

Good curry
The chicken was a bit dry, but the taste overall was great.
- Rob Flude

Great food, as always
Fab food, delivered in double quick time makes The Coriander the go-to Indian takeaway in kennington/vauxhall/stockwell
- Stephen Valvona

Why I keep coming back
I first went to the Coriander the week it opened, so long ago I can't remember exactly, maybe ten years. It certainly feels like a very old friend. The food and service were and continue to be much better than many pricier places.
- Dan Goldstein

Love The Coriander!
Fab restaurant, and our favourite takeaway.
- Helen Valvona

Absolutely Awesome
Great taste and very friendly service.Frat value for money.????????
- paul Jackson

Best curry in area
but slow delivery this time - over 90 minutes!
- Chris Chiu

Not bad
The paneer tikka masala and the pilau rice I had were good, but a couple of the pieces of paneer had been badly burnt, affecting the flavour quite a bit.
- Maria Calem

Very pleased with prompt delivery and high standard of order
- Hilary Haskins

Try These Guys Out
Very good food,one of the best around
- Paul Mason

Good food, delivered on time
Food was very good, delivered promptly
- Philip Alexander

Good food and portion sizes but let down by the fact it took over an hour to arrive and needed warming up in the microwave.
- Paul Watkins

Great restaurant
Have eaten here twice (one dine-in, one takeaway) and on both occasions we have been very impressed.Food is very tasty, generous, reasonably priced. I like to assess a curry on the three base ingredients (main - very hot, naan, rice) and this came up trumps on all counts.Service is great too. All in all a good old restaurant - a little gem in an otherwise dreary Vauxhall!
- Richard Catterill

Another Brilliant Meal From Coriander
Great Food
- Oliver Griffin

As usual, great food at a decent price!
- Andrew Croft

Coriander review
Fantastic all round
- Christianne Whitehouse

All the favourites and some unusual dishes too. Will definitely order from TheCoriander again
- Hannah Young

Fantastic meal!
Absolutely delicious!
- Gabrielle Ward-Smith

Will be ordering again
Overall really pleased with our take away meal. The only slight disappointment was the quality of the Byriani sauce, too many types of veg in it, looked a bit like a soup, but actually tasted nice. The poppadums were very greasy too. However the Chicken Korai was delicious, as was the Corriander Special Naan.
- Marc Britten

not as good as before
This was my second order from Coriander. The first was excellent, beautiful food, hot and delivered on time, with extra poppadoms and chutney. Encouraged by such a good experience I ordered again, this time it was late cold and the quality of the food was not up to the standard I except from Coriander. (I eat at their restaurants too)I hope this was a one off event.
- simon randerson

Cor! Its great at the Coriander
We have been eating in and having home delivery for a long time and we have never been disappointed. This is the first time that we ordered on line and that worked brilliantly as well.
- Robyn Murdo-Smith

was 30 mins late
ordered well in advance but arrived 30mins late.
- keith sanderson

A favourite
Our local curry house, it never fails!! We regularly order take away and have eaten in many times with visiting friends and family. Always a great service, food and atmosphere! Would definitely recommend!
- Meg

Always Yummie
I had to have an evening meeting and it was greatly improved by having a bvery tasty take-away from Coriander. They never disappoint and are a really friendly bunch of guys who work there.
- Marguerite Mclaughlin

Good food, great service
Tasty food and the service was great
- Will Hollins

Best Local Indian Restaurant
The food at The Coriander is delicious, great quality, we have always been really impressed, esp love the "coriander sizzling". The delivery service can be a little slow on occasions but everything else is top notch!!!
- Danielle Page

always a winner
While there are lots of indian restaurants out there - the corriander always is that little bit more special. Subtle taste differences move it a head of its competitors. try em!
- Julian Bremner

This is our order tonight..
The pilau rice is dry and under cook..... The lamb chop in the coriander platter was over cocked parly burnt and too salty....peshwari nan was burnt as well..curries was okay but chicken was too dry....and my Poppadom had break into pieces。。--------i had send this result to Curries team, they said it has been passed to the restaurant,but sadly there wasn't any call from Them...-----------The email from Curries------We are sorry to hear that you were dissatisfied with your order tonight. Your feedback has been passed to The Coriander Restaurant and they will call you to discuss this matter further.

Great curry. V happy
- george mcdonaugh

Very decent
Delivery was prompt, food delicious!
- Michael Webb

good food
and very big portions! :)
- Tommaso Toniolo

Pretty good
Great kebab and naan but the vegetable curry was bland. It wasn't as good as my last visit.
- Jonathan Box

Probably won't use again
Food was unremarkable, a bit disappointing to be honest after a good meal in their restaurant. Only tarka dal stood out as being really good. Plus points for throwing in some free fresh green chilis that I asked for. Minus points for not applying the 15% first time order discount that their website mentions.
- Oliver Bird

Very happy
Good food and service. I will be ordering again.
- Jonathan Box

Not great
The order came when expected and the delivery guy was freindly enough. I ordered lamb passanda, Saag aloo and a pumpkin side with pappadoms.The passanda had roughly three chunks of lamb in it, which is pathetic for any curry house, the sauce was very chemically flavoured and was incomparible to institutions such as the Bombay bicycle club. I ate the lamb bits but balked at the sauce. The sides were unfortunately the redeeming part of the order but after paying the best part of £15 for the meal I would have expected a much higher quality. The poppadoms were either burnt or flourery so I didn't think much of those either, which is a real shame. I also have indigestion as I write tis review, the day after the meal.
- Mark Nuttall

Food is better in the restaurant
I have eaten several times at the Coriander and found the food great but the food I took home was only good
- alice enders

We love The Coriander
It's our local and we love it. Best Masala sauce ever served in cosy surroundings and friendly service. Relaxed, welcoming with a delicious and wide ranging menu, I can highly recommend The Coriander.
- Pippa Godfrey

coriander - great delivery
food was gorge, service was just within the time. great stuff!
- craig beaumont

Excellent across the board
We've lived in Oval for 11 years and are always on the look-out for a new and better take-way Indian, and having eaten there last Wednesday we were so impressed we decided to try their delivery service. As one of the other reviewers mentioned we were expecting the quality to dip slightly for this service but were pleasantly surprised to see that it didn't. Polite service and generous amounts of meat in the 2 dishes that we ordered, and even though we ordered 2 poppadoms they had put a 3rd one for free in the bag. Will definitely be going back for more.
- Timothy Chapman

quick delievery and good value
the curry could have been a bit spicier
- Gemma Moore

Excellent food
will order again and make this my first choice for delivery.
- Mia Casas

great for a Sunday night treat
We have ordered from here once before and have been impressed by the quality. The curries are a bit on the greasy side but they are not very salty. Would defo use again!
- Thinzar Thaung

easy to order, arrived on time and was lovely
impressive - and they chucked in free poppadoms too
- craig beaumont

Nice food, took about an hour but it was a Saturday night
Ordered my usual - sag paneer and dal tarka with Nan bread. The paneer was tasty as was the dal. The nun bread was slightly burnt at the edge but was still ok. Usually they are very good there!! Would use them again!
- Lucy Skinner

first time, great chicken shashlick
will defo use again
- craig beaumont

Very easy to order and very good food
We knew the restaurant closeby our house and trusted the food quality. Home delivery was up to usual standards, very good!Only downside is that our order took an hour and half to arrive, but it was peak hour on a Saturday night.
- Elodie Ernis

Great food, quickly delivered
Food turned up earlier than anticipated and was lovely, as usual.
- Helen Valvona

Great food, quick and polite service, good portions
I ate in the restaurant with some friends and was really impressed - particularly with the onion bhaji and peshwari nan. When ordered takeaway I expected the quality to dip a bit but it was really good. I have now switched from a more local curry house which I was a customer of for years to the coriander because of the food and service.
- Osama Ammar

Excellent Food
I Have eaten here 4 or 5 times now. Great for Vegetarians the paneer is some of the best i have tasted in london. Totally Recommended
- Oliver Griffin

Good food, waited around 1 hour
Good food but I had to wait around 1 hour
- Ilona Widmaier

Food and service excellent. I wiil keep ordering from The coriander with no reserves
- Fernando Formoso

Lovely food
I find food and the service excellent. Congratulations. I will keep ordering from The Coriander with no reserves
- Fernando Formoso

Good food
Food arrived on time and was excellent
- Richard Jenner

OK Food and Fast Delivery
Just thought that the curry was OK, I didn't find the flavors to be all that great. The nan was no better than something you might buy at Sainsbury's or ASDA. The food was delivered quickly and on time. Probably won't go back again.
- Andrew Moorhouse


- Elke Weidenholzer

Great food and service
Quick delivery with hot good quality food. My favourite indian takeaway by far!
- Sue Mcgrath

Good service
Food turned up bang on time - thanks!
- Robert Banks

Always good food delivered on time
Coriander always deliver within 45 minutes - even on busy Saturday nights. The food is of a consistantly high standard and never disappoints!
- Faye Turner

Consistently excellent food always delivered on time

- Faye Turner

great service
Food delivered early and very hot which is a plus, a most takeaways are both cold/warm and late. The portions are good except the ricce could be a little bit bigger.
- Rodney Greenland

Coriander continues to impress
Another great selection of dishes from Coriander Kennington. Consistently great food; interesting, quality dishes, delivered on time and with great service. My favourite indian takeaway by far.
- Steve Taylor

Delivery man was amazingly polite

- Christopher Thomas

Consistently great food and service
Can't fault the food and the service at all. Superb dishes which all arrive on time (online booking is excellent way of do this) and, importantly, still hot! Can't recommend Coriander (Kennington) highly enough.
- Steve Taylor

Good food delivered on time
The food arrived exactly at the time ordered. It was hot and good quality. Will definitely use again.
- Judith Stein

Despite placing my order on a Saturday night the delivery arrived after only 35 minutes. The food was hot and tasty.
- L Ludvigson

Great food slightly expensive but worth it

- Yael Ilan-clarke

First time and a good experience
Food was excellent ~ subtle and with complex flavours and delivered hot (not always a given with home delivery!) Delivered on time and all told good value for money. Will definitely use again.
- Steve Taylor

he order always arrives on time, or slightly early and is always very hot. The food itself is amazing. It's the best take-away Indian I've tasted in London and I've tried many different places. The menu is varied and interesting. I'd highly recommend The Coriander.
- Nikolas Haggerty

They like to keep you waiting
The food was good, but it took an hour and 15 mins to arrive, and there wasn't much chicken in the biryani.
- Elizabeth Start

Top marks!
As always the food from Coriander was delicious! It truly is one of the best indian restaurants I know. And they delivered exactly hwen they said they would, and the food was hot..
- ThomasRaskin

The order always arrives on time, or slightly early and is always very hot. The food itself is amazing. It's the best take-away Indian I've tasted in London and I've tried many different places. The menu is varied and interesting. I'd highly recommend The Coriander.
- BenCarter

delicious but a bit inconsistent; good service
Delicious food delivered only 5-10 min after estimated time. Very nice delivery people with lovely complimentary extra nibbles/drinks. Aubergine & pea curry a little inconsistent and tikka masala sauce a little artifical tasting. Overall very good especially for this part of town.
- SimonMurray

Frankly pretty unbeatably consistently fantastic curries
A regular here, quality of the food is always amazing, on a par with if not better than Red Fort etc but a fraction of the price. Outstanding.
- andrew ayers

The Coriander Vauxhall - the best curry house in London
Ok, so I haven't eaten at EVERY curry house in London, but in the four years that I have satisfied my weekly curry craving with them I have never been disappointed. I have been to a few top end Indian places such as the Mint Leaf and The Cinnamon Club, and while they are very good, they simply don't come close to The Coriander for tastiness and value. Believe it or not, one of the factors that I will be considering when I next move house is whether I will be in their delivery area.
- Kieron

Simply one of the best indians in london
- julian

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