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66 Terrace Road, Walton On Thames, KT12 2SD

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66 Terrace Road,
Walton on Thames,
KT12 2SD.

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top curry
received promptly, food was lovely as usual
- Joanne Warren

Prompt and tasty
Tasty and prompt
- James Brown

Food great, arrived on time, great value
- Annie Richards

Arrived absolutely on time and was totally delicious,
- Annie Richards

really lovely food. Delivered on time as always. The food was hot and the order was complete! Nothing missing or incorrect. PERFECTION!
- Annie Richards

Always excellent food, always on time and fantastic value. A must for every Friday night in our house!
- Annie Richards

average but not blown away
Sadly my meal was lukewarm on arrival. The chicken was lovely and the tikka full of flavour. However the curry dish I had was not how I expected it compared to other restaurants was bland and lacked depth. In my opinion average - nothing horrible but nothing really fantastic or special
- Sean Harry

Arrived exactly on time, everything as ordered and best takeaway curry I have ever had
- Annie Richards

Food absolutely delicious! Arrived exactly on time and hot. PERFECT. 5 STARS FROM ME IN TERMS OF FOOD AND SERVICE!
- Annie Richards

Just the Way I Liike It!
The Mogul's Chicken Tikka Masala is made the 'traditional' way; spicier than most other restaurants and with a deep red/brown colouring and a lovely fruity piquancy. Just the way I like it! Pilau rice is also wonderfully fragrant but strangely the onion bhajias are slightly under spiced and made like patties rather than in a ball which I'd prefer. Still, a wonderfully enjoyable and commendable meal. Highly recommended!
- Glyn Wright

Food was perfect, arrived on time - fabulous! Highly recommend!
- Annie Richards

Great service, easy to order! Will be ordering again! Thank you!
- Annie Richards

Good value curry.
The food was well prepared and cooked, and very tasty. Delivery took longer than anticipated (65 mins) and the food had slopped around a little en-route, but it wasn't too bad and the food arrived hot. I would recommend them overall and will definitely be using them again.
- Alma Watson

My order was correct and right on time, always delicious food from The Mogul and now ordering is even easier. I would recommend and use this service for them again.
- Naomi Galvin

Excellent food and great service.
I have purchased from The Mogul a few times now and it's been consistently good quality and very testy. The meat in their dishes is tender, the rice is light and well cooked, their naan's and poppadum are well cooked and nothing is too oily or watery. Delivery is usually within 40 mins but has taken an hour once. I'd recommend them.
- Alma Watson

Worked smoothly
Was a first time user of Curries Online so wasn't sure what to expect, but the whole automated process worked smoothly. Would definitely use and again, and will be going to The Mogul again – really impressed all round.
- Richard Crompton

One of the
best take aways i have had for a long time. Highly recommended.
- Rayyan Islam

Great service
the site really usefull and quick.
- Richard Evens

Fantastic food and service
Really enjoyed the meal and the service from the staff very good too. Food hot and arrived on time.
- Mark West

Chicken biriyani
Absolutely delicious, fresh and hot. Will defintely order again.
- Jonna Ball

Took a while for our food arrive but food was really nice.
- Andrew smith

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