Millennium Tandoori

315 Sydenham Road, Sydenham, SE26 5EW

315 Sydenham Road,
SE26 5EW.

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Great lamb chops!
Good food, fast delivery
- Leigh-Ann Bathgate

As always, excerllent
- John Freshwater

Better elswhere? I think not.
Excellent again
- John Freshwater

Always great food
Every time I order I’m never disappointed, great value for money and incredible taste.
- Lee Hughes

Great Curry!
Really tasty, not too heavy, lovely flavour. Had the Tikka Tabba and thr Anarly, both great!
- Fred Hunt

Late delivery
Took 1.5 hours to reach us
- Alan Devally

Best Indian Takeaway in SE London
Love the flavours, all authentic, great service and delivery- my favourite takeaway- what ever you are doing- KEEP DOING IT!
- Nicole Ward

Good food, delivered on time
The food arrived hot & on time. Will definitely use them again.
- Gabi Roselli

Missing items
Service was polite, food was piping hot and tasted good, but the vegetable samosas we’re missing from the order and a random different dish sent instead.
- Rebecca Duff

Not the best but not the worst
Having received a leaflet with rave reviews and an excerpt from the Evening Standard staring it has been voted best British takeaway ( although upon review it is dated 18th June 2013) I thought I would give Millennium Tandoori a go. Ordered the mixed tandoori grill and coconut rice. After around and hour and 10 mins the order arrived which was good timing. However once I opened the order to serve it the rice was almost cold, the chicken and lamb was just lukewarm, the lamb was unfortunately over cooked and dry. The flavours were good, the chicken was tender enough and the naan was delicious. Overall I’m not sure if I would give them another chance as there are better Turkish and Indian takeaways in the area ( Lezz Et Mangal is superb) as the food was not cooked to the best standard and was no where near hot enough. Not sure if this review will even get read or taken into account by the restaurant, surely if it does then I will receive a reply and explanation. Here’s hoping!
- Daniel Fletcher

Bad kind prawn butterfly
I've ordered from here 3 times and was very impressed apart from this occasion. The king prawn butterfly was terrible. The prawn was very small and far to much bread crumbs had been used.
- Jody Ayling

Fab food smashing service
This was our first order. It was on time. , freshly cooked and best jalfrezi ever. Onion bhaji unbeatable.
- Sharon Stanley

An hour and a half after ordering through Hungry House, I am reign to ask where the food is as usual. I will not be using them again.
- Chris Parsons

Great food and service
Our food came on time and was really very nice.nGreat value for money
- Lucia

Good and fast and nice
- Mike Fairbrass

As always
As always the food and service was first class.
- Maureen

1h 15m delivery
Email said 30m. Lady called straight away and said 1h. Took longer. Plan ahead!!
- Stewart Hartle7

Great food and sevice
Successful ordering online with payment by credit card. Very prompt delivery of a delicious meal. Could not have been better, well done.
- Prue

2nd time I've ordered from here and the delivery came on time even earlier on the second delivery. food was just as I expected. perfect
- Nikkole Mcbride

Very Slow Delivery
Don't normally complain but we had three deliveries in a row that took over 90 minutes. Need to improve to get better ratings.
- Stewart Hartle7

Excellent Local Indian
First class food.
- Rob

lives up to its great reputation
- Judy Elrington

Very Late
Delivery arrived 40 minutes after scheduled, an hour and twenty late in total.
- Stewart Hartle7

Vegetable Lubia
The order was a whole hour late! The mango chutney was missing. The vegetable lubia was very disappointing. It is described as a selection of vegetables whereas it was only green beans and onions and more green beans. Not impressed!
- Kathryn Boyle

I didn't get my order until more than 2 hours 20 minutes later
I didn't get my order within an hour as advised. When I called to ask what had happened, they hung up on me and left the phone off the hook. After another hour had passed, I made other arrangements as my call was still not being answered and I had no call to explain the delay. The delivery turned up after 2 hours and 20 minutes which I then sent away. Apology received by the delivery driver who admitted it was rude to have been hung up on. Rude, non-existent customer service. I will never use this company again.
- Kate

Missing items
Millennium has always been so good and reliable, but tonight we didn't get the garlic nan that we ordered and they gave us plain rice rather than pilau. So we were out of pocket by a few quid too. Sad.
- Jacqui

No onion salad!
Pleased with order and time of delivery. We purposely didn't order an onion salad as it was stated that a free one is included in every order. Didn't come but that was the only issue. Lovely food. Thanks
- Pat

Lovely as usual
Great food, delivered on time. Excellent as usual.
- Alex

best in town!
As always just sublimenWont use anywhere else!!
- sam beavis

Another Fantastic Curry
Everything came quickly and was hot and tasted superb. Continually impressed by this fabulous Curry House.
- Jack

Love Millennium Tandoori!
Always great value and delicious food. Highly recommended.
- R

Great food
The food was fantastic and great value. Initially a main dish was missing but it was out right so quickly that it was less that 15 mins wait for the missing dish to arrive. Will definitely be ordering again!!
- Mark

Good, but for once not great.
A good quality curry delivered quickly, although both the Naans and one of curries seemed to be slightly overcooked. Nonetheless would still order again.
- Ben Sneddon

Incredible curry, punctual delivery
We had a fantastic curry, really impressed with the chum chum chicken and the rezalla chicken main. This is now our new favourite curry house
- Camilla Smith

Great Curry
delicious and on time
- Alexie

Enjoyable Meal
Arrived well inside time prediction. No problems
- Maureen

Very good
No problems with delivery and food
- Ronak

Too long to deliver
Ordered food at 8pm it was still waiting to be delivered by 10pm
- Steven

Lovely food
The delivery was 15 minutes late but was worth the wait, loved the food and it's price!
- Zoe Redhead

Probably one of the best Indian meals I have ever had-not sure if it was so good because I was so surprised, or if it really is that good:). Great breads, puri are excellent. Also amazing value
- Nicholas

Great quality
good food, always on time and very well priced.
- Lloyd Toomer

Great quality and consistently good
Whenever we order the food is always to a high quality, meat is identifiable and cooked well and delivered in a reasonable amount of time too
- Luke Matthews

Food ok but order incorrect
We ordered lamb chops, chicken korai, king prawn rezalla, brinjal bhaji and some sundries. The order arrived 10 minutes after the delivery "window" but that's ok. Unfortunately, the rezalla is described on the menu as a mild creamy dish but it arrived as an extremely spicy jalfrezi-type dish with lots of green chillies. Hot even by jalfrezi standards. Although we're not averse to spicy food, this time we specifically wanted mild dishes so unfortunately my wife had to leave that dish completely. The 'korai', on the other hand, was a mild and creamy dish! Very pleasant but not like any korai I've had before. And the brinjal bhaji tasted suspiciously similar to the korai, like they'd been made one after the other. So the food was actually ok, but I'm not sure I'd do an online order again as I'd like to make sure the order is what I ask for.
- Richard Dubourg

excellent as always
Won't use anyone elsenGreat foodnGreat valuenSpeedy delivery
- sam beavis

Great food and fast delivery. Couldn't have been better.
- alex

First time, would try again
Great king tandoori prawns and very tasty tarka dal, millenium chicken and lamb cutlets. Let down surprisingly by some not v crispy poppadoms and average onion bahjis. Would use them again.
- Amy Clint

very tasty with good portion sizes
one rice dish was different the the one ordered but not much of an issue.
- Sue

Consistently great
Millennium is always superb. The meat is good quality and almost always moist, the spicing is subtle and complex, and the delivery is often pretty quick.
- T

Nice and fresh
I enjoyed my vegetable biryany and the tarka dal and sag aloo were very fresh, light and you could taste nice fresh garlic. However, my husband was disappointed with his lamb madras saying that it was a bit tasteless and not spicy. In general the food was fresh and of good quality but we found the portion of the side dishes to be quite small.
- Noga Kogman

great as ever
not our closest Indian but delivery quick. Value incredible, food hot, tasty. Have never let us down
- sam edwards

great as ever
not our closest Indian but delivery quick. Value incredible, food hot, tasty. Have never let us down
- sam edwards

We love this place
Recommended to anyone!
- Jacqui

Delicious again!
Delicious flavours and a welcome treat for an evening, delivered ahead of time.
- Caren Bradley

Extremely impressed
I have just moved to Sydenham and came across this one more by luck than judgement. We ordered 1 lamb tikka madras, 1 chicken karahi, 1 bhindi bhaji, 1 keema naan and two pilau rice.nnWe were happy with every dish.nn? The lamb tikka madras had tender meat, a thick non-oily sauce and a good level of spice.n? The chicken karahi had a rare thing with deliveries, a good balance between the amount of onions and chicken, it was succulent, well-balanced and you?d be hard pushed to find a better example of how to cook this dish.n? The bhindi bhaji was also cooked perfectly, soft okra with the right amount of bite and a lovely light spicing. n? The keema naan wasn?t the dreaded big red plastic frisbee that is found so frequently, but again, a well spiced and well-cooked lamb filling.n nAfter ordering the food I decided to nip down the shop to grab a few beers to wash it down with, by the time I returned the delivery guy was already at my front door. With the bag full of piping hot curry. nnAs I mentioned at the begin
- Jamie Gunn

Massala heaven
Delicious flavours; the king prawn tikka masala is king :)
- Caren Bradley

Great Curry
My friend calls the Garlic Chicken Massala a sexual experience.
- Dar

As always stunningnHighly recommend for food quality and value both
- sam beavis

Lovely as always.
We have ordered several time and have not been disappointed. Lovely food, lovely flavours. Highly recommend
- Maria

Great food
We ordered from Millennium Tandoori for the 1st time this week and were not disappointed. The food seemed freshly prepared and flavours were clean. Each dish was delicious. Can highly recommend. We shall regularly use them
- Nadouce

simply the best
This is by far the best indian take away I've used. Every dish is unique in flavour and always totally delicious. It's also very reasonably priced in my opinion.
- Catherine Watkinson

As always exceptional. and you have another new convert as my guest will now be using you going forwards.
- sam beavis

Food was very tasty
Waited one hour and 30 mins which was far too long!
- Peter Hume

Arrived hot and Tasty
Thank you
- Ben

Good food
Second time I ordered & service and food was excellent
- Paul Barnett

Delicious fresh curry
Really lovely meal, piping hot, fresh and very spicy. Have ordered form Millenium a number of times and always been impressed, however was a little disappointed that on this occasion part of the order was incorrect. I checked back my email confirmation and definitely received two incorrect dishes. Other than that, really impressed and will continue to order from there
- Carly

Good foot but arrived late and cold
Food was very tasty but took 1 hr 15 to arrive and was cold. We were so hungry we just ate it as didn't want to wait any longer. Good news was it was very tasty. As it was Saturday night we're definitely willing to give them another go!
- Grace Davies

Easily the best Indian take away anywhere around Sydenham
First great point: food arrived hot & coke arrived cold! Our only gripe is that the jalfrezi had lovely big chunks of juicy chicken, and while the chicken was still very tasty in the Korma (esp like that it wasn't tandoori / red underneath korma sauce - ie using up other chicken), it had much smaller pieces and the portions were no where near the same. (hence rating of 4 not 5 for food). Korma sauce was nice and coconutty (yum) and not bland like they can often be. Jalfrezi was not too oily and had a very nice rounded flavour without being so hot that we couldn't taste anything but chilli. Peshwari naans were good too.
- Sue

Great take-away!
The meal was excellemt, delivered quickly and was very reasonable as well.
- Catherine

Nice food
- Ronak UnjiA

First time but not the last!
We had friends staying from India and we were celebrating Diwali. We thought we would try somewhere new and are pleased we did. Millennium Tandoori was excellent. Tasty food delivered promptly and with a smile, Very good value for money too!! Thanks very much and we will certainly be ordering again. David from Sydenham
- David Thomas

Smashing quality and great service
Believe the reviews in Time Out - the food from here is outstanding - by far the best in the area, if not the whole of SE London - and brilliant value. Try the Kolmino!
- Tim Andrew

Delicious, on time and very reasonable
We had read about Millennium Tandoori and were not let down! The curries were delicious - we will definitely eat there again! The only thing we were not as enamored with were the bhajis - but that's a very minor quibble!
- Elisabeth Miles

Food was simply excellent, came hot and 15 minutes earlier!! Highly recommended curry house.
- Milosz

excellent food, excellent comms, great price - I wouldnt use anywhere else now
- sam beavis

Delicious and great value
My order arrived on time and lovely and warm - delicious
- Belinda Lester

Lovely food
We placed a huge order which was all correct and tasted excellent. We were notified of a delay to delivery which we thought was very good and made sure we were not concerned about our order. I would definitely order from here again!
- Nicola Gordon

Very good food
Good food and arrived in good time.
- Paul Byrne

Very Good, delivered quicker than they said
Have used other very well know curry houses in the area, have to say we were vey impressed with the how the food appeared, and it tasted even better. Really liked the online ordering system, very easy to use and quick. Also delivered within the specified time. Hopefully this standard will be kept and we will use again.
- Luke Matthews

Good curry at a reasonable price
We ordered our takeaway on Saturday evening. It was only 10 mins late. Considering it was delivered within 1.5 hours of ordering, I had no complaints. Food was pretty good too, with no problems the following day!
- simon haigh

Good food
Very good although they did forget one item that we ordered
- Neil Jones

Our first Millennium takeaway
Quite simply the best takeaway we’ve had.
- Penny Moss

Finally found a decent curry south of the river
The food was delicious, delivery pretty quick ( was a Monday night). I hadn't even realised we were missing a naan bread because the food was so good and unprompted they delivered the missing naan. Above all, the fish curry was nicely spiced. Will definitely be ordering again soon
- Seema Hope

These are large curries!
Food is always good. Portion sizes for the curries are very generous, or at least reflect the price.Would recommend.
- Gemma Dowson

Great tasting food, shame about the chicken.
We bought an array of dishes: all very tasty, lovely spices. The lamb tikka bhuna balti was gorgeous: juicy meat. One low point: the chicken was very much overcooked and dry.
- Alex Gwinnett

Local highlight!
Read the review in Time Out and have to agree that this is one of the best local, traditional takeaway curriies we've had. Delicious food, a great menu, speedy service and exceptional value. Will absolutely use again.
- Tim Andrew

Couldn't be better
Used Millenium's take-away service last night. Food was ready on time, service was friendly and quality of food was high.Thanks!
- peter thickett

Tandoori chicken was one of the best i've tasted.
Tandoor chicken was the best, Lamb madras was a bit disappointing a bit watery.
- Maria Simons

Great curry - Millenium Tandori
Lovely curry, lots of flavour and very reasonably priced. Will definately order from Millenium Tandori agaion
- Phil Carter

Delayed delivery but good food
It was Saturday night and took them over an hour.Food was hot and lovely despite that so no worries in the end.We had just got back from a long drive so were famished.I would imagine that had this not been the case the wait would have been more bearable...
- Magdalena Mazurek

Delicious tasty food, delivered fast
Not the biggest portions but tasted great and was here surprisingly quickly even though we are in Penge.
- Magdalena Mazurek

great food, good value
My first order from this restaurant. Will be ordering again. Good food, tasted freshly cooked. Took a little while to arrive but it was sunday evening so probably very busy.
- Andrew Mills

Waiting for a take away is like torture
Our order arrived 2 hours late, they did give us a small discount but 2 hours is unacceptable especially when you are supposed to be ordering the best take away in Britain. They made the excuse that they were run off their feet with winning the award and the consequence increase in orders tehy had to fill but they haf initially said 45 minutes. They should warn you before you order of a more realistic waiting time.The food was very good, the meat was very tender and extremely flavourful. I would order from them again but they need to be able to deal with the increased demand.
- Naomi Joseph

Good curry
Enjoyed this meal very much!(It took a ridiculous time to come though - ordered at 1830, arrived 2018 - unacceptably slow, they'll have to do better than this).
- Mike Jones

First Time Customer
Our first time ordering from you. Loved everything except the Saag Paneer which we found too sweet; would like more garlic and less sugar!We particularly liked the Tarka Daal and Chcken Tikka Pathia.Thank you.

A really good meal
A really enjoyable meal with some interesting and unusual flavours. My only criticism might be that the portions were rather large - at the moment I'm have curry for breakfast, and still enjoying it!
- Steve Grindlay

First time customers
Have just placed my second order! Delicious! Thank you!
- Diane

Really good food
Delivery was fast, food was very nice and they are a lot cheaper than my local so will be switching!!
- Roxanne Hyacienth

Always used heart of India food is top notch and delivery time very acceptable.
- Paul

Great! No complaints :-)
Food was delivered 5 minutes earlier than expected which was great. Food was hot and very nice. Will definitely order from here again.
- Gemma

Very Nice Food....
Excellent food and very good service, arrived on time.
- Becca

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